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Release date: Dec, 2021 Publisher: Šarūnas Visockas

RoyalDudes io, created by the developers of the famous BattleDudes, is a web browser multiplayer battle royale game that is fiercely competitive.


  • WASD = move
  • E = jump from plane / open chest
  • Left-click = shoot
  • Mouse movement = change direction
  • Mouse scroll / 1,2,3,G,X = switch weapons

Game Description:

RoyaleDudes io, created by the developers of the famous BattleDudes, is a web browser multiplayer battle royale game that is fiercely competitive. Like the dynamics of BattleDudes, RoyaleDudes io presents an intense battle mode that gets smaller with time and more intensive.

The player will be parachuted on an online battlefield, among other combatants, and must make the most kills to be the last one standing. Additionally, pick up gears and power-ups from the fallen soldiers and increase your strength of attack substantially.

RoyaleDudes io is one hell of an online web browser battle royale that has additional to offer than the BattleDudes.


How to Play RoyaleDudes io: Gameplay, Playing Environment, Graphics, Weapons, Customization, & Features


Earning XP -:

The game is an open-world multiplayer third-person shooter. You will be parachuted to the map area, and you will instantly start to pick up your enemies.

The game offers three servers to play: Europe, North America, and Asia. Select the server based on your continent and start playing right away.

Kill whatever comes your way and pick up the fallen gears/power-ups. The goal is to kill all – within calculated time – and be the last man standing to win the round.

To get the best out of RoyaleDudes io, create an account and avail all the features this game has to offer.

Playing Environment -:

RoyaleDudes io offers a top-down view perspective which provides a wholesome view of the map area. The in-game screen shows the weapons vault, kill meter, and radar to view the incoming enemies your way.

Other than that, the in-game physics is quite smooth and fast which is suitable for a multiplayer quick battle mode.

Graphics -:

This io web browser battle royale game offers a smooth and sleek graphical interface that is based on a 2D module. The color patterns are varied and play easily on the player’s eyes.

Weapons & Health

The weapons are also varied in RoyaleDudes io, since it is a third-person shooter web game. At the start, the player will be provided with 4 to 5 different types of weapons. These include machine guns, pistols, bows and arrows, and grenades.

However, as the player progresses, they will also unlock new and more destructive weapons based on their XP level in the game.

The health bar is not visible, but the player must be cautious as a few good hits will eliminate your character on the spot.

Customization -:

Cosmetics are in plenty in this game as well, and some of them are available right at the start. For example, you can choose the color of your player, your weapons (unlocked only), emoticons, and accessories like hats, etc.

However, more customizations will be available as your XP levels will increase after winning some rounds.



Here are some of the great features of RoyaleDudes io:


Video Walkthrough: