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Pixel Warfare

Release date: Apr, 2018 Publisher: Angel Iliev Hrisimov

Pixel Warfare is a free online multiplayer first-person shooting game that is one hell of an exciting shooter game.


  • Use the WASD or arrow keys to move around
  • R to reload
  • 1-6 number keys to select your weapon
  • Press the tab to go to the menu

Game Descriptions:

Pixel Warfare is a free online multiplayer first-person shooting game that is one hell of an exciting shooter game. In this free io FPS shooter game, the player takes on the role of a hitman in this 2D blocky-graphics world and kills others to become the topmost shooter.


How to Play Pixel Warfare: Gameplay, Graphics, Weapons/Health, Customization, & Features

Earning XP -:

The goal of this free online first-person shooter game is to kill as many as you can. With each kill, the player will see increasing XP points. There are several maps and gaming rooms available so the player can join any with just a click, and start his/her shooting mayhem.

Playing Environment -:

Pixel Warfare offers a first-person perspective to make it easier to shoot down enemies instantly and efficiently. Along with that, there are several map areas and gaming rooms to enjoy a brilliant first-person shooting experience.

The in-game screen shows the player’s kills, XP points, weapons, health bar, and other players that are playing. This free io first-person shooting game is quite intuitive as well.

Graphics -:

Pixel Warfare has classic 2D-pixelated graphics, meaning the player will enjoy the old MS-Dos feel. Also, the sound used in the game is 8-bit, like the one used by the old Dos games.

The color patterns are visual-friendly and somewhat like the ones used in Microsoft Minecraft games. So, when it comes to graphics and gameplay experience, the players will not get disappointed by this free online shooting pixel game.

Weapons & Health -:

Pixel Warfare offers a diverse range of weapons for the players to choose from in their shooting venture. The great thing about guns is that most of them are free to get, and with a variety of damaging capabilities.

For example, whenever the player joins a room, they can easily choose any weapon such as rocket launchers, shotguns, machine guns, snipers, and lots of others.

The player needs to be cautious when it comes to safeguarding health. A few rapid shots can kill you instantly.

Customization -:

There are some skins and weapon customizations available freely in Pixel Warfare. Players can get them by competing and winning in the early levels. As the game progresses, more cosmetics will be available that need to be purchased via in-game points.

Multiplayer – Plenty!

In the case of multiplayer modes, Pixel Warfare offers plenty! Players can play with friends in Team Deathmatch mode; solo multiplayer in Deathmatch mode, and Zombie Infection mode to fight against zombie players.



Here are some of the cool and exciting features of Pixel Warfare:


Video Walkthrough: