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Release date: Nov, 2018 Publisher: Night Steed S.C.

MiniGiants io is a free io action battle game where the players take on the role of mini little warriors.


  • Press the left mouse button to attack
  • Press the right mouse button to boost your speed

Game Description:

MiniGiants io is a free io action battle game where the players take on the role of mini little warriors. This free io web browser multiplayer action game offers a small battleground where mini warriors had to battle other players, beat them, and win rewards in return.

Since there are enough things, such as characters and social classes to choose from, MiniGiants io is sure to offer a lot for the fans of action-packed battle royale io games.


How to Play Gameplay, Playing Environment, Graphics, Customization, & Features

Earning XP -:

Players can score XP points in MiniGiants io by competing with other players and beating them down. The faster you beat others, the bigger your character will grow as well as score more XP points.

Plus, there are several classes to choose from in-game. Players can be Fairies, Barbarians, Amazonians, Clerics, Beasts, etc., each with different advantages according to their calibers. However, you do so by keeping yourself safe from others’ assaults. A few good blows will take your life!

Playing Environment -:

This free io action battle game offers a top-down (aerial view) perspective to the player. The screen will move in the direction wherever your character moves. The game screen will also show players a list of who is playing the game, your character’s power gauge, level, and how many rewards you have gained.

Graphics -:

MiniGiants io has a 2D graphical interface, and the old GUI format has been brilliantly utilized by the Night Steed Games – creators of MiniGiants io. The player will feel as if they are playing a 3D kind of rendering since the graphics and color patterns used to exhibit the highest PNG-style effects.

Overall, the graphics of this free io action battle game is one great experience that gamers will love!

Customization -:

Customizations are diverse here in MiniGiants io. However, they are mostly picked up from the chests of fallen players your warrior will kill. These chests contain a lot of customization for weapons, characters, armor, power-ups, and lots of other things.

So, do not miss out on these chests as they offer you powers to help you grow bigger and faster.

Multiplayer – Yes!

This free io battle royale game is a complete multiplayer for all. You can play globally with other people online or team up with your friends against other teams to compete for the ultimate win.



Here are some of the cool features of MiniGiants io that players will enjoy:


Video Walkthrough: