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Release date: Sep, 2019 Publisher: K&S Games

Mine-craft io is a free online Minecraft io game that is the best alternative for the original premium Microsoft Minecraft game.


  • WASD (or arrow keys) = move
  • F = open/close player inventory
  • Left shift = run
  • Enter = chat
  • Left mouse button = attack (hold to shoot from the bow)
  • Right mouse button = action (put the block, open the block inventory, and use the teleport)
  • Keys 1 to 8 = switch the active items in the quick inventory
  • Q = drop active items
  • Esc = close active window / open game menu

Game Description:

Mine-craft io is a free online Minecraft io game that is the best alternative to the original premium Microsoft Minecraft game. It is a multiplayer io web browser game that is based on the original Minecraft-style gameplay.

Search for resources, create and build houses, and mechanisms; make friends and protect your abodes against the enemies.


How to Play Gameplay, Playing Environment, Graphics, Customization, & Features

Earning XP -:

The player will score XP points as they create and build things successfully, as well as how well they trade/interact with other people in Minecraft io.

Playing Environment -:

Just like the original Microsoft Mine-craft game, the player will see an open tile world where they do all the things to create a world of their own. The player will see a top-down, or aerial view, perspective due to which players can see a lot of area on the map they are playing.

Graphics -:

When it comes to graphics in this Minecraft alternate, this free Minecraft io game uses a 2D graphical interface with much lower quality graphics as compared to the original Minecraft game. However, this does not mean that the player will not enjoy their session.

The easy graphical interface will make up for great gameplay in Minecraft io because that is what io web browser games are known for – easy to play and load.

Customization -:

Customization is plenty in this free io online Mine-craft game. Players can change skins, tools, colors, landscapes, and almost everything that is in view. Furthermore, players can even create their world and share it with others to play.

Multiplayer – Yes!

Minecraft io offers a full multiplayer mode where the player can compete with others in the open world, as well as host their sessions with friends.



Here are some of the best features of Mine-craft io game that players will like the most:


Video Walkthrough: