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Merc Zone

Release date: Jul, 2020 Publisher: Blue Wizard Digital

Merc zone is a free multiplayer online first-person shooting game that has lots of fun and exciting battle challenges for the player. Play it free here at Kiwi games.


  • WASD to move
  • E/mouse scroll to switch weapons
  • Space bar to jump
  • F to interact
  • R to reload
  • G to throw grenades
  • C/Shift to crouch
  • Left mouse button to shoot
  • Right mouse button or X to aim

Game Description:

Merc zone is a free multiplayer online first-person shooting game that has lots of fun and exciting battle challenges for the player. The player can start in any of the three-game modes this free fps online shooting game offers. The goal is to take down all other opponents and be the last man standing to win.

Use any of the free cosmetics Merc Zone offers, play in various gaming modes, and be the ultimate John Wick in a suit!


How to Play Merc Zone: Gameplay, Graphics, Customization, & Features

Earning XP -:

This free online fps shooter game offers a wide range of maps and gaming modes. However, the way to earn XP points is simple: be the best killer before the time ends! For each kill you make, you will gain XP points.

Playing Environment -:

This free online first-person shooter has an open-world stage where the player is engaged in a gun battle with all other combatants in the game. There are several maps in Merc Zone where players can find several elements to their benefit in an intense battle royale.

Graphics -:

The Merc Zone uses 3D graphics for its open-world first-person shooting game. The elements in this free online first-person shooting game are designed to present sharp and crispy edges. The color patterns, on the other hand, are quite good and put less stress on the player’s eyes. The color scheme in all levels of Merc Zone has a light tone to them.

Customization -:

This free online fps shooting game offers a wide range of cosmetics options for the players. And the great thing is that most of those cosmetics are free for the players to get. For example, at the beginning of the game, players can easily choose skins for their guns; their hats, and the color of their suits.

There are other greater customizations available for the players to enjoy but for that, they need to progress further and gain rewards to unlock advanced customizations.

Multiplayer – Three Multiplayer Modes!

Merc Zone offers three great multiplayer modes: “Free for All,” “Team,” and “The Last Merc Standing.” “Free for All” is a two-minute timed battle royale where the player will take on other players solo. The one with the most kills in this mode will become the winner.

The “Team” game, as the name suggests, is where you team up with your players against another team. And finally, the “Last Merc Standing” is where the player will engage with several online players in a one-way battle royale.



Here are some of the finest features of Merc Zone that players will enjoy for good:


Video Walkthrough: