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Release date: May, 2019 Publisher: simpleyuji is a web browser space survival game where the player needs to defend their space colony against the evil empire.


  • WASD – to move
  • Number keys – change equip
  • Space bar/mouse click – use current equip
  • C – craft
  • I – inventory
  • R – rotate
  • E – interact
  • M – map
  • P – colony

Game Description: is a web browser space survival game where the player needs to defend their space colony against the evil empire. This io web browser survival game is sort of like the battle between the Galactic Empire and The Republic of the Star Wars – just to understand the concept.

So, coming back to the game, the player will be mining asteroids in space for ores and needs to maintain an efficient supply of food, oxygen, fuel, water, and power to survive out there.

The eventual goal of the player is to sustain their space colony, thrive in it, and fend off enemies from outer space’s evil empire.

So, are you up for this space survival challenge? Let’s get on with it!


How to Play Gameplay, Playing Environment, Graphics, Customization, Weapons, & Features


Earning XP -:

To score XP points in this game, you will need to mine resources and contribute towards the development of the space colony, as well as eliminate any enemies that are bound to attack.

As a player, you will be given a space station where you will solely manage it in the Asteroid Belt of Junon. Your space station will occasionally be raided by the mighty “Evil Empire” in space.

Defend it and score XP levels by successfully doing so.

Playing Environment -:

The game offers a top-down view with the player controlling their character as a third-person viewer. The player can move in any direction smoothly within their space station.

The space station is crucial for the player’s survival. There is everything available in the space station for the player’s survival and defense.

However, the player must roam around the station and mine several other resources to make it stronger further.

Graphics -:

This io web browser space survival game offers an exuberant and well-crafted 2D GUI. also has several beautifully-designed color patterns, with each one adding a visual appeal to the elements in-game.

Additionally, the color patterns are retina-friendly as well, putting less strain on the player’s eye while playing the game.

Of course, the player won’t be disappointed when it comes to the graphical interface in

Customization -:

There is a lot of customization available for the player in this space survival io game. First off, the player can freely select among the various worlds available in the game’s menu.

More so, they can also create their space station, or customized world, based on their preferences.

Plus, as the player progresses and mines new resources, they can find hidden cosmetic items as well such as space suits, helmets, oxygen masks, weapons, etc.

Weapons & Health -:

There are plenty of weapons available in-game that the players can utilize to their advantage. Some of the weapons are Katana, lead pipe, grenades, flame throwers, mini turrets, and others as well.

These weapons can be mined right inside the space station and put into the player’s inventory vault. The health is shown in numbers, which depletes upon each hit. The player needs to refill it before being killed.

Multiplayer – Yes! is a multiplayer web browser game. Therefore, whatever world the player will join in, or create their own, they can both invite others or compete online to become the topmost defenders in space.



Some of the well-known features of this space survival web game are as follows:


Video Walkthrough: