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Fullscreen Become the Biggest Black Hole

Release date: Jun, 2018 Publisher: Voodoo

Hole io is a free io web browser game where you are the black hole, and you engulf everything that comes into your path to grow bigger and bigger.


  • Use your mouse to move the black hole

Game Description:

Hole io is a free io web browser game where you are the black hole, and you engulf everything that comes into your path to grow bigger and bigger. Mind you, Hole io is a multiplayer action so you need to grow big rapidly. You will finally finish when you are big enough to devour an entire civilization, and that is when you will win. So, experience being a black hole for the first time in the safety of your web browser.


How to Play Gameplay, Graphics, Customization, Features, & Tips

Earning XP -:

Since this is a grow-genre io game, the player has a long way to go and various ways to earn XP. However, you will start as a small hole in the beginning, either solo or with other players, and you need to suck more and more material into your void while evading other bigger black holes.

However, the player needs to do all of this within a two-minute time window before the game ends. The player can also choose from a battle royale mode, which is an endless game mode. In it, the last standing black hole among all is declared a winner.

Playing Environment -:

This free io grow-genre game offers a seen-it-all viewing perspective where the player can be able to view in any direction its character goes. Plus, Hole io is an open-world game where everyone is involved in the action.

Being a multiplayer, player needs to keep an eye on all direction to suck things up as well as save themselves from bigger black holes.

Graphics -:

This free io web browser game uses 3D GUI. The graphics are of supreme quality because every element designed has smooth edges to it. Additionally, the graphical interface is retina-friendly which avoids the eyes from being stressed by too much gameplay.

Customization -:

As far as customization goes, there are no character-level cosmetics available in the game yet. However, there is a diverse range of map areas to choose from. These maps are from medieval times, cities, post-apocalyptic wastelands, farms and so much more.

Multiplayer – Yes!

Hole io is a completely multiplayer io web browser game. The player has two gaming modes: default and battle royale. The “default” mode is a two-minute timed rapid game where the one who scores the most will win.

In the battle royale mode, the player must be the last standing biggest black hole after he/she has consumed almost everything, including all other players on the map.



Some of the best features players will enjoy in Hole io are as follows:

  • Intense gameplay in a consume-it-all format
  • A big range of diverse map areas to test your growing skills
  • Complete annihilation as being a black hole
  • Strategic timed gameplay and battle royale modes for an exciting battle and growth experience Tips:

Combined tricks written below are some of the best methods to win in this exciting io grow-genre game. Here they are:

  • Keep your concentration fully on eating all the material elements you can. Avoid eating other players, if you have a chance, since eating them will not grow you big enough – elements do!
  • As soon as you begin, start consuming small things and people in your vicinity. This strategy will make you grow rapidly and expand your horizons to gulp bigger things
  • When your black hole becomes of substantial size, convert your focus solely to bigger things.