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Fullscreen Fly, Eat, & Survive

Release date: Apr, 2018 Publisher: Pixel Voices

EvoWorld io is a simple yet very fun and adventuristic free io web browser game. The goal is simple here: you must keep on flying and eating or else you die if you fall.


  • WASD to move around
  • Left-click to fly

Game Description:

EvoWorld io is a simple yet very fun and adventuristic free io web browser game. The goal is simple here: you must keep on flying and eating or else you die if you fall. As you successfully fly and eat food, your fly continues to grow bigger and evolve, turning into a butterfly, and your diet chain expands with it as well.

Each level of EvoWorld io will bring about new abilities and more things to eat for your butterfly. So, can you take the top spot in the food chain in EvoWorld io? Try it out!


How to Play Gameplay, Graphics, Customization, Features, & Tips

Earning XP -:

The players will earn XPs in EvoWorld io when they survive the ordeals good. Each player will start as a fly in this survival evolution io game, and as they fly and eat food, they will evolve and gain XP points.

However, the players must only eat items and animals in green colors – the red ones are deadly! As the player’s character grows and evolves, so do the XPs.

Playing Environment -:

This free io survival game offers an open-world view where the player is fully engaged from all around. The levels are designed like what the Nintendo classic Super Mario Bros used to have back in its heydays!

Plus, there are multiple maps in each level of EvoWorld io with different landscapes, foods, and abilities for the player to enjoy.

Graphics -:

Graphics are of high quality in this free io web browser game. EvoWorld io has sharp color patterns on a 2D GUI with all elements designed to have sleek and smooth edges. The player will enjoy every bit of the pixels as this brings the nostalgic feeling of old Nintendo game worlds.

Customization -:

EvoWorld io has a remarkable range of characters to unlock, with different looks and abilities. However, these cosmetics are earned in-game, rather than rewarded. As the player progresses and evolves, this free io web browser game offers up to 45 different animal characters which the simple fly at the beginning can turn into.

These choices are available during 8 stages of evolution in the game in which the player can become real-life as well as mythical creatures as well.

Multiplayer – Yes!

This free io web browser game offers a great multiplayer format where the player will be competing with several other players online to get the topmost spot in the food chain.



Some of the great features in EvoWorld io are as follows:

  • Great evolutionary and survival gameplay, with characteristic changes of over 45 different animals
  • Both in-air and underground play modes
  • A diverse range of levels with different tactics for an exciting gameplay


Tips & Tricks:

Some of the best tips and strategies to ace your character in EvoWorld are as follows:

  • Make sure to drink lots of water; whenever available, wherever possible. Drinking water is crucial to your character’s survival in this evolutionary survival io game.
  • Each level provides different abilities to the player. Make the best use of them to win your way through the competition.
  • Avoid staying in one place for too long. You will lose crucial strength and may get killed by other players with big animals to survive.