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Fullscreen Rescue Your Ducklings from Aquatic Dangers

Release date: Dec, 2019 Publisher: Pelican Party Studios

Ducklings io is an online adventure web browser game where you are a duck on a mission to save vulnerable ducklings in the open waters.


  • Use mouse, keyboard arrow keys, or joypad to move around

Game Description:

Ducklings io is an online adventure web browser game where you are a duck on a mission to save vulnerable ducklings in the open waters. There are various dangers in the open water, such as aquatic animals, careless boat drivers, and others; your job is to gather all the lonely ducklings and bring them under your caring wings.

Gather as many newborn ducklings as you can and make the biggest duck nest in the bay. This is one hell of a cute and nurturing aquatic adventure that almost every web browser adventure gamer will love.

So, do you have the heart, will, and commitment to save all your “astray sheep”? Let’s find out by playing Duckling io.


How to Play Ducklings io: Gameplay, Playing Environment, Graphics, Customization, & Features


Earning XP -:

To score XP points in this fun and exciting online io adventure game, you need to simply gather as many ducklings as you can and guide them back to your nest.

The more ducklings you collect and bring home, the more XP points you will score. It is as simple as that.

However, to do so, be on the lookout for reckless boaters and speed boats as they will come out of nowhere – suddenly – and may kill your duck and flocks instantly.

Playing Environment -:

Ducklings io offers a first-person view, which also automatically zooms in/out, as the map area gets congested.

The in-game screen is minimally cluttered, so the player will be able to fully and easily focus on the game – especially important due to sudden dangers lurking in the water.

Graphics -:

This online web browser adventure game offers crispy and sharp 3D graphics. Additionally, the use of high-contract colorful patterns that are geared to aquatic surroundings makes the entire graphical interface quite desirable.

Plus, the effect of air blowing on the open waters is a special graphical feature of this game. Surely, the gamers will love the GUI of Ducklings io very much.

Customization -:

As far as cosmetics go, every time you bring a huge lot of ducklings to your nest, it will offer your duck a customized hat as a reward for the hard work. There are quite a few hats to unlock as you progress further into the game.

Multiplayer – No!

The game is a solo-player io web browser game where the player will be competing against AI-bots in the game, and not real players.



Here are some of the cool features of Ducklings io at a quick glance:

  • Simple and goal-oriented game for a player to fully focus on their progress
  • Open-world adventure with exciting and tricky dangers
  • A visual-friendly great quality 3D graphical interface