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Craftnite: Minecraft & Fortnite Into One

Release date: Nov, 2019 Publisher: Christopher Lied

Craftnite io is a free io web browser game that brings the best of both worlds into one: Minecraft & Fortnite, the two great hits from the gaming industry.


  • WASD to move
  • Space bar to jump
  • Left mouse button to shoot
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 to switch items

Game Description:

Craftnite io is a free io web browser game that brings the best of both worlds into one: Minecraft & Fortnite, the two great hits from the gaming industry. So, in Craftnite io, the player has a first-person shooting role to take out all the other players in the game. And once the player does so, he/she becomes the winner. Get ready for some great action in a Minecraft world filled with Fortnite elements.


How to Play Craftnite io: Gameplay, Graphics, Features, & Tricks

Earning XP -:

The player will earn XP’s for how precise they shoot other players. However, killing others while saving yourself will generally grow XP. The player’s goal is to save him/herself while shooting down other players and using tools to either dig or climb him/herself up to the top.

Playing Environment -:

Craftnite io exhibits a Minecraft-like map area where the player goes around, hunts other players down, and makes his/her way to the top. The maps have colorful elements that are very neatly designed. Players will use several weapons to destroy/kill locations and combatants.

Graphics -:

This free web browser game offers a 3D GUI architecture and uses highly retina-friendly colors. Overall, the player of Craftnite will not miss either Minecraft or Fortnite elements at all.

Customization -:

Customizations are straightforward in this free io web game, such as building your stairs, and plant defenses; induce your colors and minor styles. Players can also add custom skins and maps to their folio.

Weapons & Health -:

Craftnite io offers its players a pickaxe, sniper, 1 dynamite, and 20 stairs by default at the beginning. However, as the player kills and demolishes more, new weapons and upgrades will be dropped for him/her to add to their inventory. A clear and perfect headshot will give players greater rewards in weapons.

As for their health, the player must need to save themselves from any sudden onslaught. Even one single clean hit will bring death to your player instantly.

Multiplayer – Yes!

Many players are fighting it out to be the number 1 in Craftnite io. Because the map areas are huge, so is the number of players involved in the game. Players can play in both public and private modes with friends.



Some of the exciting features that Craftnite io offers are the following:

  • Big map areas and huge elements for collection
  • Continues strategic changes – very engaging
  • Top customizations and map areas Best Tips & Tricks:

To be able to play and win more in this free battle royale game, here is what the players need to do:

  • When too many players are engaged, and taking a shot on all is difficult – shoot their stairs! This will hurt most of them.
  • Always aim for a headshot or chest shot. This inflicts greater damage and brings in better rewards.
  • Climbing mountains and stairs, smoothly and rapidly, is an efficient tactic to win. Use the Spacebar to climb faster and smooth in the game.