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Release date: Aug, 2018 Publisher: Night Steed Games is a web browser battle royale game in which the players will fight one another in the ancient Roman gladiator-style battles.


  • Move your mouse to move
  • Left mouse button to attack
  • Right mouse button to sprint

Game Description: is a web browser battle royale game in which the players will fight one another in ancient Roman gladiator-style battles. The battles in this io web game are fierce and equally gruesome as they were in the gladiator days of Rome.

So, you will be up against several other players online who will be fighting against you to be the last standing one in the ancient Roman Colosseum. So, it’s either you defeat them all or get killed in your pursuit – there will be only one last-standing gladiator here!

Let’s find out how to play right away!


How to Play Gameplay, Playing Environment, Graphics, Customization, Weapons, & Features


Earning XP -:

To score XP points, the player will have to wreak havoc with the huge mallet in his/her hand in the battle arena.

So, the more kills you make, the more XP points you will score. Also, when you kill enemies, you will additionally collect gold coins that help get upgrades to your mass and weapons.

Plus, collect the red orbs scattered along the arena to increase your XP levels further.

Playing Environment -:

The game offers a top-down view perspective. The in-game screen is also minimally cluttered, with just the logged-in player’s list and the level bar of the player.

Therefore, you can fully concentrate on killing other players in the battle arena to gain the topmost spot.

Graphics -:

This classic io battle royale web game offers a great graphical interface with appealing colors that are visual-friendly.

Plus, the game’s GUI is based on a 3D module. This makes the overall gameplay more exciting and enjoyable graphically.

And there is one more value-addition to the graphics: the special blood-spilling effect.

Customization -:

Both weapon and body customizations are available in this gladiator battle web game. However, the player needs to attain a certain XP level to unlock these cosmetic upgrades.

In the beginning, you will have the status of a peasant. However, as your XP levels grow, you will attain more important status with more upgraded weapons as well.

Weapons & Health -:

The player will have three basic weapons since the start of the game. These are the nail-popped hammer, rock hammer, and baseball bat.

As the player’s level increases, the attacking force of these weapons also increases with it. As for health, with the increasing levels of the player, the health bar also gets increased.

For example, when you begin, three blows are enough to kill you. However, upon reaching, say, level 5; five blows will be required to eliminate you.



Here are some of the best features this web browser gladiator battle game offers:


Video Walkthrough: