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Planet Clicker 2

Release date: Jan, 2022 Publisher: Coltroc

Planet Clicker 2 is an exciting hyper casual web browser game where you mine resources and expand into the solar system, from planet to planet.


  • Left-click on the planet to generate energy

Game Description

Planet Clicker 2 is an exciting hyper casual web browser game where you mine resources and expand into the solar system, from planet to planet. This online idle clicker game is the second part of the earlier Planet Clicker game, which was also a very popular one among the io game fans, and thus, it resulted in the second part of this game with some newly added features.

So, like in its previous title, the players will start from the friendly home planet Earth. They need to mine the Earth’s resources continuously and must collect enough energy units to colonize another planet and then continue the process until the entire solar system is conquered.

The game is a fun and exciting one which will satisfy your curiosity for space colonization and expansion. Why wait when you do not need cash to colonize and expand in space? Let us start playing Planet Clicker 2 right away!


How to Play Planet Clicker 2


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points in this web browser idle clicker game, you need to mine planetary resources and expend your energy production gradually. Once you have used all the energy production options of a planet, you will then have earned enough energy points to expend to another planet in the solar system.

So, your XP is the number of energies you are producing at a single time in the game. As it continues to grow, new methods of energy mining will unlock. And these energy generation methods are also varied by each planet and its mineral composition.

Therefore, explore new planets and the new forms of energy mining methods they have to offer – it will amaze you!


Playing Environment

This io web browser hyper casual idle game offers a top-down view on an in-game screen dimension of 450×500. The game also has a smooth landscape screen orientation with full-screen gaming as well as being mobile-ready, too.

Planet Clicker 2 is quite straightforward so the player can literally start playing the game directly from the main page. But this does not mean it does not offer a menu: The players can save, reset, and increase/decrease volume from the settings menu in the game.



Since this is a space mining online game, Planet Clicker 2 offers crisp 2D graphics with some visually appealing special effects. For example, when you click on any planet to generate energy, the entire planet will shake with every click.

Additionally, every form of energy also has its sparkling graphical effect as well. Furthermore, the graphics of this web browser space mining game are visual-friendly and uses PNG style overall, which brings a certain good glow to the overall game.



There are no customizations available in this idle clicker HTML5 game.


Weapons & Health

There is no restriction on health or no need for weapons in this game because there are no conflicts involved. You will be solely colonizing the planets in the solar system only for idle energy generation.



There is also no online or offline multiplayer feature in Planet Clicker 2. Players will be playing solo, colonizing, and exploring/harvesting energy from all the planets in the solar system on an epic adventure in space.