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Pirates Gold Hunters

Release date: Aug, 2023 Publisher: GamesdMurdock

Pirates Gold Hunters is a fun and challenging web browser arcade physics game where you will play as a pirate hunting for gold in the open ocean.


  • Use left-click to steer your ship

Game Description

Pirates Gold Hunters is a fun and challenging web browser arcade physics game where you will play as a pirate hunting for gold in the open ocean. The gold coins are in a round globe-like setup, and you have to tow your ship to collect them just like you are going around the world.

In the center is an island on which a thug sailor is placed with a rocket launcher in his hand. He will continue to throw bombs at you, and you need to cunningly avoid getting hit by any. The game aims to collect all the gold coins without taking a hit from the enemy in the center.

Hmm… seems like a good competitive online IO arcade sea-adventure game, right? So, let us sit down to play Pirates Gold Hunters and how you can win in this game.


How to Play Pirates Gold Hunters


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To earn points, you need to simply collect all the gold coins available on your game screen. However, in doing so, you must avoid the bombs thrown at your ship from the island of the enemy. If you get even a single hit, you lose the round.

So, as you progress further into the game round by round, the in-game level will also increase with increased bomb shots on your ship. You must wisely navigate your ship around so that it will not get hit by a bomb.


Playing Environment

This web browser arcade adventure game does not have a main page or an options page separately. When the game loads up, you will be taken directly to the actual gameplay where only a sound on/off option is visible. The players can start the game right away besides this option.

As for the technical details, Pirates Gold Hunters offers a top-down view on an in-game screen dimension of 900×600. The game has a landscape screen orientation as well as being supported to play on mobile phones.



This online IO action-adventure game offers a high-quality 2D graphical interface. The color patterns used follow a bright visual appearance and have a PNG-style format. Additionally, the graphical interface of Pirates Gold Hunters is visual-friendly and adaptable to both types of digital displays – mobile and desktop.



There are no customizations available in this game.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons available in this game for use by the players. Also, there are no health restrictions as well, but the players must avoid the bombs thrown by the thugs from the islands. One hit from the bomb will cause you to lose the round and all the progress as well.



This online HTML5 adventure game is also a single-player IO title. There is no multiplayer mode available here. The players can play all the levels of the game solely without any interruption from a second player.