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Penguin Ice Breaker

Release date: Apr, 2023 Publisher: BestGameSpot

Penguin Ice Breaker is a fun casual arcade puzzle game that is ideal to cheer you up when you are bored.


  • Use arrow keys to move and jump

Game Description

Penguin Ice Breaker is a fun casual arcade puzzle game that is ideal to cheer you up when you are bored. There are almost 60 levels to clear in this casual io game in which you will play as a cute tiny penguin, whose sole job is to jump and break the icebergs.

So, your goal is to jump on the ice breakers and shatter them to pieces, all the while keeping yourself safe from falling into the abyss below. Icebergs have different strengths and may require more than one jump to break.

Penguin Ice Breaker has the best puzzle challenges for the player to keep them interested in the game as they progress further and further. Let us learn more about this exciting casual arcade web game!


How to Play Penguin Ice Breaker


Earning XP & Leveling Up

You need to collect stars on some of the icebergs and break them successfully to score XP points. Equally, as you win and pass on the next round, your gameplay level will also increase. And there you go – it is as simple as that to score and level up in Penguin Ice Breaker.


Playing Environment

This web browser arcade puzzle game offers a third-person view on an in-game screen dimension of 854×560. The in-game screen orientation is also landscape which provides a sufficiently wider game view.

The game’s main menu is simple as the game itself: you can turn the sound on/off and or click on play to start the game.



This online casual arcade puzzle game offers a crisp and neat 2D graphics interface with beautiful PNG-style color patterns throughout different in-game elements.

The best thing about such graphical techniques in some of the io games is that they don’t take up resources, while at the same time, they appear quite visual-friendly and puts no strain on the player’s eyes.



There is no customization available in this io online arcade game.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons involved in this io title either since it is not a fighting genre game. As for health, there are no restrictions. However, the player only has to be careful about tripping over an iceberg, because you will fall to your death below.



Penguin Ice Breaker is a solo single-player game and does not offer a multiplayer feature. The player will be playing all 60 levels solely.