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Parking Fury 2

Release date: Jul, 2017 Publisher: Agame

Parking Fury 2 is a web browser arcade car game that is all about parking your vehicle most expertly while facing various obstacles.


  • Use WASD/Arrow keys to drive the vehicles. 

Game Description

Parking Fury 2 is a web browser arcade car game that is all about parking your vehicle most expertly while facing various obstacles. The second installment in the Parking Fury games series, this io online vehicle arcade game is among one of the most loved by fans of the car/vehicle online games genre.

So, as in the first installment of Parking Fury, the second also involves the player in successfully parking different kinds of vehicles in challenging locations. And this time, the graphics are also 3D with some great realistic effects as well.

So, get ready and hop inside all the cars available in Parking Fury 2 to be the ultimate car park in the city!


How to Play Parking Fury 2

Earning XP & Leveling Up

The player will be given parking assignments for different types of vehicles. Upon successful parking, you will get an XP point. There are four to five parking assignments per round which the player has to clear.

Upon successful completion of the round, the player will go onto the next stage and their level will also increase with it.

Playing Environment

Parking Fury 2 offers a top-down view on an in-game screen dimension of 853×480., which places the game’s view perspective in portrait mode. This HTML5 online car game offers minimal options and the player will be fully focused on the gameplay.

However, the player will still have the option to turn the sound on/off.



This web browser car arcade game offers beautiful 2D graphics with some high-quality realistic color patterns. Every element is distinctly designed in this game with relevant colors and much realism is induced in them to provide a great graphical interface.



As of now, there are no customizations available in Parking Fury 2.


Weapons & Health

Also, there are no weapons needed in this io online vehicle arcade game so there are no weapons available. As for health, the player must park different types of vehicles carefully; getting them hit during parking will dissolve the level’s stars, and if constantly three times or one big collision, you will lose the round by the damage inflicted.



Parking Fury 2 does not offer multiplayer mode. It is a solo one-player web browser vehicle game where the player will solely park the cars by him/herself. But do not get discouraged: The challenging puzzles of parking different types of vehicles in difficult places will continue to pique your interest in this exciting parking game.