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Park Me

Release date: Jun, 2023 Publisher: HolaStudio

Park Me is an entertaining car puzzle game where you have to park disordered cars in ordered parking.


  • Use left-click to select and park the cars

Game Description

Park Me is an entertaining car puzzle game where you have to park disordered cars in ordered parking. The game is very easy to play as you only need to click on a car, and it will automatically rush towards the parking point.

There are different types/colors of cars standing on the road, so you need to strategically pick the ones that have an opening in front of them. Also, you need to park three vehicles of the same color and type alongside each other to successfully clean off the chaotic scene.

So, are you ready to try your parking skills in this amazing HTML5 web browser puzzle parking game? Let us find it out!


How to Play Park Me


Earning XP & Leveling Up

XP points are earned based on parking three pairs of the same color/type cars alongside each other. When the players successfully park all the vehicles, they will go to the next level.

However, one thing the players must be careful about is the car they pick to park. For example, if a vehicle is stuck in the disordered mass of cars but is the type you need to complete your thrice, avoid that for the moment and choose a car that has nothing in front of it.

If your chosen vehicle has no way to go, it will crash into other vehicles and the game will be over. Apart from this precaution, all is good to go towards a round win.


Playing Environment

This online io car parking adventure game has very simple dynamics. The main screen has a “play” button only so you can click start the game quickly. However, once in the gameplay, you will have the option to turn off in-game music as well.

Other than that, the game offers a top-down view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 360×640. Additionally, the game is in portrait screen orientation and is also playable on a mobile web browser, which makes up for a great mobile viewing experience.



Beautiful 2D graphics is what one can say about Park Me. And not only is the elemental 2D design great, but the game also offers beautiful PNG-style color patterns. Furthermore, the graphical interface is highly responsive to all devices/screens and retina friendly as well, which means that the player’s eyes will not be strained by longer gameplay.



There are no customizations available in Park Me, as of this game description writing.


Weapons & Health

No weapons are involved in this online car parking puzzle game. Also, there is no health restriction of any kind in the game as well.



Also, there is no multiplayer mode in this arcade puzzle game. This is a solo one-player game where you will play as a single player.