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Release date: Dec, 2019 Publisher: Voodoo 2 is a real-time multiplayer game where you have to capture as much territory as you can. As you capture uncharted or enemy territory you will leave a trail behind you. If the trail is broken before you complete your circuit, you will die! Claim as much territory as you can and paint the map your color!


Move with WASD, Arrow Keys, or by moving your mouse.

How to play 2

There are several ways to move around and capture territory. You can move by using WASD, arrow keys, or your mouse itself. Venture out into unclaimed white space, or enemy territory, and complete a circuit back to your own territory to complete the capture and fill in the area with your own color.

While you are capturing new territory, you will leave a vulnerable trail behind you. If another player or you yourself run into that trail, you will die and your territory will disappear from the map. There will be players all around you trying to capture more territory.

Game Modes

Classic 2 – The classic version of the game only allows movement on the x and y axis with WASD or the Arrow keys. Movement is slower and is slightly more predictable.

Small Map – A smaller version of the map puts you into closer quarters with your enemies making for accelerated gameplay.

Fast Speed – Everyone moves faster in this version of the game. Fast action gameplay!

World Conflict – Play as your favorite country and dominate the map.

World Map – Play the game with the world map as the background of the game.

Battle Royale – but it’s a Battle Royale. There is a playable zone that continues to shrink and 15 players per game.

Teams – Play on a team against other teams.


Complete specific challenges by clicking the “CHALLENGES” button on the main menu (top right). Click tiles between 1-21 to reveal a specific challenge. Attempt it by clicking Play. You will forfeit the game as soon as your challenge is complete.


You can unlock various different “skins” that will paint different patterns as your territory color.

Tips, Tricks & Strategies

  1. Keep the areas you are capturing small early on so you do not over-expose yourself.
  2. When you see other players over-extending from their territory, capitalize by intersecting their trail and destroying all of their territories!
  3. If an enemy can break your trail before you can safely make it back to your own territory, commit to the duel and try to break their trail before they break yours!
  4. In the ultimate Hail Mary move – it is possible to complete a circuit around the entire map in one fell swoop if your enemies are not paying close enough attention. You will win the game instantly if you can pull this off!


Video Walkthrough: