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Office Conflict

Release date: May, 2023 Publisher: Instant Games Studio

Office Conflict is a web browser FPS multiplayer battle royale game where you will be taking out your office colleagues in a gunfight.


  • Use WASD to move around
  • Press the Spacebar to jump
  • Press C to duck
  • Press Shift to sprint

Game Description

Office Conflict is a web browser FPS multiplayer battle royale game where you will be taking out your office colleagues in a gunfight. There is all hell broke loose in your office and everyone is after the blood of each other. In such circumstances, you have no option left to kill your colleagues and defend yourself.

A multiplayer battle is going on in the game as soon as you click on “Play.” The game offers servers to play in Europe, the US, and Asia. Office Conflict also offers a diverse menu from where you can change a lot of in-game options as well. And not to mention, the game also offers cutting-edge 3D graphics as well.

This is a real treat for the fans of multiplayer online FPS shooting games, as you will soon know when you start playing Office Conflict. Let us get into the details of this exciting battle royale io game and learn how to play it with ease.


How to Play Office Conflict


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To earn XP points in this game, you need to stay ahead of everyone, that is to kill everyone in the round to finish in the top spot. The rounds in this game are timed so you need to be on alert and play your shots well, all the while keeping yourself safe as well.

So, by the end of each round, the winner is highlighted by the number of kills and earns XP points/increased level based on his/her performance in the battle royale. This is where you need to gain the upper hand in this game as well.


Playing Environment

Office Conflict provides a first-person view perspective and helps to augment the player’s combat experience. Also, the in-game screen dimensions are 1200×750, with a landscape orientation, which provides the player with the best full-screen gameplay action he/she could hope for.

Like the game itself, its main menu is also featuresome with lots of options for in-game customization. You can set up gameplay graphics up to seven levels, mute audio and decrease/increase its levels; set controls, and even set up frame/refresh rates in general settings.



This web browser action arcade multiplayer shooting game offers sharp and cutting-edge 3D graphics with beautiful in-game element design. The color patterns used are also diverse and quite visual-friendly as well.

Although it is an HTML5 web browser game that uses very few resources but if you experience lagging on your device, you can lower the graphics setting from the game’s menu and everything will surely work fine for you.



As for our experience of trying out Office Conflict, we have not found any customization. It may be because the game is a new release, and it might be possible that future updates to the game may bring some form of customization.


Weapons & Health

Well, “weapons” are in plenty in this online multiplayer arcade shooting game because that is the main attraction of this game. The player can have rifles, knives, AK-47s, a repeater, and even hand grenades.

The player has a health score which you can see on the top-left side of the screen. The health score in this game is extensive, which is very helpful because you will not die so easily just by a few shots. However, the good news is that if you shoot your colleagues precisely (e. g. headshot), you can down them in just two-three bursts.



The game is a massive-multiplayer-only io title, which means it only has a multiplayer mode to play in which you will be playing in a consecutive battle royale killing frenzy. That is why there is not a single dull moment in this web browser action shooting multiplayer game. Enjoy it with yourself and your friends in an online office killing spree where colleagues turn on each other like bloodthirsty fools.