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Noob VS Pro Stick

Release date: Jan, 2023 Publisher: Stickman vs Monster School Team

Noob VS Pro Stick War is a fantastic and fun io battle Minecraft game where you can build your clan and defeat other clans in the land to acquire loot.


  • Tap or click on crystals to buy noob-workers
  • To get noob warriors, click on the warrior crystal box. 

Game Description

Noob VS Pro Stick War is a fantastic and fun io battle Minecraft game where you can build your clan and defeat other clans in the land to acquire loot. The player can hire miners to mine resources, and warriors to attack enemies and defend their territory. And oh, the Greek god Zeus is also in the game as a superpower.

There is much fun and upgrades to be obtained in this web browser evolution strategy game, as well as various lands to conquer. So, get yourself seated and start your journey in this io Minecraft battle strategy game.


How to Play Noob VS Pro Stick


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points, you need to hire miners who will mine crystals for you. Each miner will give you 10 crystals, so if you hire three miners, you will earn 30 crystals. But that is not it!

Once you have two or three miners mining for you, you then need to hire warriors. Each warrior costs up to 35 crystals. When you have at least two warriors by your side, you can launch an attack on the enemy’s fields.

The goal is that your warriors penetrate the enemy field, kill their warriors (if any), and destroy their main statue. By successfully doing so, the player will also earn XP points as well as wins the round and level up.


Playing Environment

The game offers a third-person view perspective and the game screen dimensions are 1280×720, which makes it a full-screen playable web browser evolution battle game. Additionally, the in-game screen is very intuitive and shows almost every helpful element which makes the gameplay experience friendlier.

The player will see the count of crystals, and options to go defend, attack, and head back to their territory. There is also a training mode available for the players who are playing for the first time.



Noob vs Stick War offers retro-style 2D graphics which will bring back some old gaming days memories. The color patterns used are also varied and portray a perfect retro-style feel to the game.



There are no customizations available in the game. The player will be playing with the fixed resources available in the game, but have no worries, they are just enough for you to unlock the full potential of this web browser io battle game.


Weapons & Health

The warriors will be accorded clubs and swords by default. There are no other weapons in the game. But yes, there is a special power-up that the player can summon when in crisis: Greek god Zeus will come to eliminate your enemies with lightning bolts for 10 seconds continuously.

There is also a health bar present which will be shown right alongside your hired pupils. Keep your eye on that if you are under attack.



Noob vs Stick War is a one-player solo game where you will be contending against computer-controlled enemies. These enemies will get stronger as your level of gameplay goes up.