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Nitro Speed

Release date: Jun, 2023 Publisher: Full HP Ltd

Nitro Speed is a web browser 3D car racing game that has some cool graphics and NFS-style racing modes.


  • Use WASD/arrow keys to move around
  • Press Up Arrow/W keys to accelerate
  • Press Down/S keys to decelerate
  • Press space to boost

Game Description

Nitro Speed is a web browser 3D car racing game that has some cool graphics and NFS-style racing modes. This car racing HTML5 game has some similar dynamics to that of early NFS titles like NFS 2 and NFS Underground. The game offers a lot of customization for both the vehicle and the in-game dynamics, as well as a variety of cars to be unlocked.

There are two gaming modes available in Nitro Speed and the objective in each of them is to win your races and earn in-game cash. You can use this cash to customize your vehicle and or purchase a new one as well. With lots of racing modes and a variety of options to explore, this is a web browser racing game that car racing fans would not like to miss.

So, let us get to know the essentials of playing Nitro Speed and start racing right away!


How to Play Nitro Speed


Earning XP & Leveling Up

XPs are offered in the form of in-game cash in this online HTML5 car race game. So, you need to win races and do incredible stunts (e. g. drift, high jumps) to earn an in-game cash reward. There are game modes in Nitro Speed – Free Mode and Traffic Mode.

In the “Free Mode,” you can drive around the city without the hassle of driving through any traffic, attempt races, and win without any distractions on the roads. In the “Traffic Mode,” you can attempt races but there will also be traffic on roads, and it will be a challenging mode to race on.

There are also varied types of races as some of them are simply head-on where you need to drive and finish first on the circuit. Others can be stunt-based or drift races where you need to perform certain stunts or drift more than the other races to win and collect rewards.

No matter in which mode you play, the difficulty level depends on the cash reward for the race. If the reward is higher, the race will be difficult as well.


Playing Environment

Nitro Speed offers a second-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 800×600. Additionally, the game screen has a landscape orientation and a full-screen gameplay ability to enhance your gameplay experience.

The menu is also diverse with lots of options for the players to set the game according to their preferences. The players can set the control sensitivity, graphics FPS, in-game music, and sound as well as choose from a variety of languages.


This web browser arcade racing game offers 3D graphics that are sharp, crisp, and cutting-edge. And not only that, but the game also employs a minor v-sync ability which gives some realistic special effects to certain rounds and elements in the game.

The in-game menu offers the option to set the FPS levels according to the preference of the player, but the game will still require a formidable in-built or dedicated graphics adapter to play the game without any lags.



There are two specific menu options in this online arcade racing game where the player can upgrade their vehicle and customize the look and feel of it. One option is known as “Upgrade” and the other is “Customize.”

In the “Upgrade” menu, you can upgrade the engine, suspension, nitro, transmission, and tires of your vehicle. And in “Customize,” you can change the color of the body, doors, and tire rims, respectively. However, any customization and upgrade will require in-game cash so you must first win some races before getting any customization or upgrades.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons involved in this HTML5 web browser game. Additionally, no health restrictions are in place to hinder your race as well.



Nitro Speed does not have an online or offline multiplayer PVP feature. However, you will be racing in some circuits with the computer-controlled bot racers in this web browser action racing game. So, make the most out of this one hell of a racing experience both on your mobile and desktop web browsers. Let us race now!