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Release date: Mar, 2018 Publisher: LapaMauve is one of the best multiplayer io simulation games where the player will need to survive and climb the social ladder.


  • WASD to control the movement
  • Left click to attack
  • Enter to chat
  • E or space bar to interact
  • M to open map
  • Right click to delete an item

Game Description: is one of the best multiplayer io simulation games where the player will need to survive and climb the social ladder. The player starts as a poor youngster with little to survive. He/she needs to take care of health, living, and food, among various aspects of daily life.

The eventual goal in this web browser simulation io game is to nourish yourself and prosper in the Nend city by getting a job and saving cash to rise the social ladder. Plus, among these daily life hurdles, the player also needs to protect themselves from other in-game players.

They will try to attack you, create obstacles, and try to eliminate you in all these endeavors. So, as you learn more and start to survive in this ruthless city of Nend, you will be amazed to find so many lucky opportunities and challenging situations.

Ready to take on the Nend City then? Let’s learn how you can play this io simulation survival multiplayer game online!


How to Play


Earning XP & Leveling Up -:

The player can score XP points and level up their game by finding work, earning cash, and keeping their health status above others. For example, as you run along and find a job to earn cash – it is scattered in the city – you score one XP point from that.

Additionally, if you have been able to take care of your health and live properly, you will also level up in-game. Also, if you eliminate other players by hitting them, you will gain XP points.

So, be resourceful, wise, and productive with your movements to score higher XPs and level up your game.


Playing Environment -:

The game offers a top-down view perspective which covers a larger view area of the city. The in-game screen is also less-cluttered with legends, but only the most basic ones are properly placed along the screen.

The in-game screen shows the player’s resource vault, a resource bar, an in-game map radar, a leaderboard, and a cash counter as well. The camera moves in all directions and goes around wherever the player moves.


Graphics -:

This web browser simulation io game offers 2D retro-style graphics which represent the old MS-DOS era GUI. The developers used sharp edges and crisp effects when designing the game, which also provides somewhat of a Minecraft-style pixelation effect.

The color schemes used throughout the game are very descriptive as well. All the elements show brilliant color combinations which also adds up more quality to the overall graphical interface.

To describe it in one succinct sentence – is also quite superior when it comes to graphics!


Customization -:

There are both unlocked and unlockable cosmetics in The player, right from the start, can choose skin color, hair color, and hairstyle. Other than that, there are certain customization items that the players can buy in-game as they earn cash.

These include the character’s clothes, whereabouts, and other living utensils needed in daily life pursuits.


Weapons & Health -:

In most cases, there is no fighting scenario from the get-go but eventually, you will be eliminating other players. To meet that end, the player has their fists to exchange blows and eliminate other players.

However, as the player level-ups, there are certain items available that can be used as a weapon to hit other players as well. The health bar appears in digits in, which means whenever someone hits you, your health count goes down until it is red and you are out!


Multiplayer Modes -:

The game is a multiplayer io simulation which means it is a complete MO (multiplayer-only). However, there is only one mode as of now where the player plays solo against other players. There is no private game mode or room mode in



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