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Release date: May, 2023 Publisher: Wolves Interactive

Motorbike is an online web browser 3D bike racing game that is close to realistic bike racing games made for PCs.


  • Use arrow keys on the desktop to move around
  • Tap on-screen controls on mobile to operate 

Game Description

Motorbike is an online web browser 3D bike racing game that is close to realistic bike racing games made for PCs. The game offers beautiful 3D graphics, six racing modes, an upgrade shop, and many ways to get free rewards.

There are up to six different racing modes in this online bike racing game, along with an online competition mode as well. Each mode has different goals and aims that the player needs to achieve to win. However, the major thing in all of them is to win your races against both the AI-controlled and online racers.

If the player falls short of in-game coins for upgrades, Motorbike offers him/her free sponsored videos to get upgrades and coins completely for free. And yes, this featuresome web browser racing game also offers a pay-and-collect feature, too.

The player can buy certain levels and upgrades via credit or debit card as well. So, let us get on to your bike and start racing like a pro right from the onset!


How to Play Motorbike


Earning XP & Leveling Up

There are multiple ways to earn XP points in Motorbike. The player can earn XP points not only by winning races but by driving their bike like a pro as well. For example, if you make sharp turns without collision, you will also get XPs for that as well.

Other than that, finishing first against other racer(s) will also get you XP points and gold coins for winning as well. Since there are several racing modes in this online bike racing game, certain types of them will require special acrobats to gain XP points as well.

For example, one such mode is ‘Drag Racing’ where the racer needs to do drag racing or dragging, to beat competitors and get XP points. So, winning and driving your bike as best as possible is how you gain points in this web browser io racing game.


Playing Environment

The game offers a first-person view perspective as in real-time action view, right from the helmet of the rider. This supports a thrilling race view as if you engage in riding the bike yourself. All this action is visible on a maximum in-game resolution of 960×600 and a landscape screen orientation, ideal for full-screen gaming.

Besides being available on desktop web browsers, this bike racing game is also available as a dedicated app on both iOS and Android platforms.

Motorbike’s game menu is also as diverse as the game itself. The player can use a variety of in-game options such as the in-game store, upgrades, customization, garage, in-game settings, and even a premium pack choice for those who want to make in-game purchases.

And the diversity of this game simply does not end here: the in-game settings menu also offers great depth to customize your gameplay experience with options to change language, graphics, resolution quality; sound and music, and the measuring parameter for the bike’s speed.

Wow! This is some level of serious in-game customization and features for a web browser game, right?



As we have mentioned a little bit in the earlier chapter, the graphics, and the level of its customization,  are simply amazing in this io online bike racing game. However, we shall now relate to you details exclusively about the graphical architecture of Motorbike.

This game has a 3D graphical interface with a sharp and realistic design of in-game elements. Whether it is the sports bike you rode on or the surrounding environment of the tracks, you will get an experience of racing sports which is usually found in premium racing PC games. This is one of those qualities of this web browser sports game that makes it a rare HTML5 io game.

Plus, the color patterns used in the graphics are also diverse, bringing lots of variation on in-game elements, as well as adaptively suitable to different world stages in the game.



Customizations are varied in this online multiplayer bike racing game. Motorbike has its own resolute “Customize” menu where the player can customize the color, vinyl, and number plate of their chosen bike.

Apart from these customization options, the players will also have the “Upgrade” menu which brings added power and abilities to your sports bike.


Weapons & Health

No weapons are available in this game. However, by default, the player will enjoy two or three lives per round, and based on their winning ratio or upgrading, they can increase the lives ratio as well.



This web browser multiplayer racing game offers a dedicated online racing mode. It is available to play right from the start and will connect you to race with other players playing globally. To use it, simply head to the racing mode section, select “Online Race,” type in your name and you are good to go!