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Moonrock Miners

Release date: Oct, 2022 Publisher: Winterpixel Games

Moonrock Miners is a web browser io survival mining game where you will fly in space, shoot asteroids, collect gems, and shoot down other aircraft to remain the last one standing.


  • Press W to thrust aircraft
  • Left-click to shoot
  • Use the mouse to move around
  • Use on-screen controls on mobile to play

Game Description

Moonrock Miners is a web browser io survival mining game where you will fly in space, shoot asteroids, collect gems, and shoot down other aircraft to remain the last one standing. The game is an exciting action arcade io title with some excellent 2D graphics and gameplay dynamics, which you will soon know by experiencing the game first-hand.

So, the goal of Moonrock Miners is quite simple. All you need to do is simply mine as many moonrocks as you can by shooting them down and collecting valuable gems afterward, all the while keeping yourself safe and becoming the last surviving aircraft in orbit.

To achieve this goal, you will be provided with different types of upgrades during gameplay as you collect a certain number of gems every time. So, are you ready for this gravity-defying multiplayer space adventure? Well, we will find that out only when you play this exciting web browser space arcade game – let’s start!


How to Play Moonrock Miners


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points in Moonrock Miners, you have to shoot the blue asteroids in the orbit around you and collect gems from them. These gems will give you XP points. Additionally, you will get certain types of power-ups as well during the gameplay as you collect a certain amount of gems every time you mine a rock.

As for the in-game level, it will continue to increase in difficulty as you win and progress to new stages in the game. This online io action space shooting game offers only multiplayer battle royale mode, as in actual gameplay, and a tutorial mode for first-time players to learn the basics of playing.


Playing Environment

The game offers a top-down view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 1000×1280. The in-game screen uses landscape orientation which is great for full-screen gameplay. The game’s main menu and page are also very intuitive.

The player will see various options on the main screen such as a signup option to create his/her account, a Discord sign-up option, a custom match option (to play with friends), and an in-game settings menu from where the player can turn on/off in-game sound/music; touch screen option, full-screen option, and an option to learn “How to Play” and “Support.”



This online space shooting survival game offers high-quality 2D graphics with some brilliant special effects designed into overall graphics. The player will also see experience diverse color patterns matched brilliantly to every in-game element.

The graphics also have some special effects integrated such as exploding, shining, and bombing effects, respectively. Ah, and one more thing: The graphics in Moonrock Miners use a retina-friendly technique that won’t strain the player’s eyes at all.

What more can you ask for?



Despite being a featuresome online arcade survival game, Moonrock Miners doesn’t offer any customizations at all.


Weapons & Health

The player will have a basic laser to shoot down space rocks and enemy planes. Along with that, the player will also enjoy certain types of power-ups during the gameplay. Some of these will provide such abilities as a defensive shield, pulsar gravity shoot, magnet power, double thruster, and a lot of other attacking/defensive abilities.

The player’s health is shown in the form of a heart, alongside the player’s aircraft, on which the player must keep an active vision since it depletes rapidly when attacked.



This web browser space mining arcade is a multiplayer-only game. The player cannot play solo, except in first-time tutorial mode. Afterwards, there is only a battle royale mode to play in where you will be connected to a game with other players from across the globe.