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Monster Truck Sky Racing

Release date: Jun, 2023 Publisher: AYN Games

Monster Truck Sky Racing is an HTML5 web browser arcade racing game where you will be racing against other drivers with a giant race truck.


  • Use WASD/Arrow keys to move
  • Press “Shift” to use nitro

Game Description

Monster Truck Sky Racing is an HTML5 web browser arcade racing game where you will be racing against other drivers with a giant race truck. The game has 3D graphics with some cool and challenging topsy-turvy racing tracks.

So, you will start with 7 racers in each round and your goal is to finish in the top 3 racers to move to the next round. If you do not finish in the top 3, you will lose the race. Each of the three spots offers different cash rewards which can be used to upgrade or buy new vehicles in-game.

There are up to 12 levels of racing in this online web arcade racing game which the player can race on, with different tracks and obstacles each time. So, are you ready to run your giant race truck on gravity-defying racetracks in Monster Truck Sky Racing? Let us find out!


How to Play Monster Truck Sky Racing


Earning XP & Leveling Up

The players win XP points based on which spot they finish the race. Moreover, the players can get added points for in-race stunts, like drifting or inflicting damage to other cars, as well as damaging property on the roads.

The in-game level will also increase as you continue to progress to new levels of this game. So, while you are racing frantically to win, make sure you make the most points out of it by inflicting damage and doing stunts.


Playing Environment

The game offers a second-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 1280×720, with landscape screen orientation, wide-view, and full-screen abilities, respectively. Monster Truck Sky Racing’s main menu is also a diverse one.

You can simply start a race (with default vehicle) by clicking on the “Start” button; you can upgrade your vehicle by clicking on the “Garage” option and can even buy new vehicles right from the main page as well.

Additionally, you can turn the in-game sound on/off also from the game’s main page by clicking on a music note.



This web browser truck racing game offers a 3D graphical interface with a sharp and edgy elemental design. This means the game will use some of your system’s resources to run smoothly. However, do not get worried – the game does not use much and can be played on all ranges of systems.

The color schemes used are also diverse and applied suitably to all the in-game elements.



The players can customize their vehicle in this online web arcade racing game. They can customize the skin/color of their cars and even upgrade the engine and other essentials for racing. However, keep in mind that any customization will require you to spend the in-game cash for upgradation.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons involved in this web browser car race game as well as no health restrictions of any kind at all. You can race freely without any worry of being in a conflict or losing a life.



There is no online PVP multiplayer feature available in Monster Truck Sky Racing. The player will be playing solo in all 12 levels of the game. But yes! You will be racing against computer-controlled in-game racing bots in the arcade races. That will surely make up for the absence of a PVP online multiplayer feature, right?