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Release date: Jun, 2015 Publisher: Freakinware Ltd. is a free web browser cell battle royale game that is a highly addictive and exciting io genre game.


  • Use your mouse to move
  • Double left click or space bar to split
  • Hold left click or W to shoot
  • Shift to enter the slow movement
  • Ctrl to stop movement

Game Description: is a free web browser cell battle royale game that is highly addictive and exciting io genre game. Inspired by the famous, is a further improvement on the already established structure of

So, the player starts as a small cell and needs to eat other cells and microorganisms to increase their size. The more your cell grows, the more points you will score on the leaderboard.

Additionally, players can collect gold coins to upgrade and get special abilities/cosmetics as well as use a variety of attack methods to kill enemy cells. Play this io biological game and become addicted to it in no time!


How to Play Gameplay, Playing Environment, Graphics, Customization, & Features


Earning XP -:

The player can easily score XP points by eating all the objects around them; killing other smaller cells and collecting gold coins. So, the more you collect and kill, the more XP points you will get on the leaderboard.

It is simple as that! However, the player needs to avoid getting into contact with other bigger cells or viruses on the map – unless you want your cell multiplied into many.

Also, this free io web browser biology game offers an extensively large range of gaming modes – up to 12 different modes.

These game modes are Free for All, Day’s Special Mode, Classic Mode, Solo Mode, Random Mode, Random Daily Mode, Split Party, Tournaments, 1 vs 1, Competitive Play, Guild War, and Private Room.

Playing Environment -: offers a third-person or top-down view. This perspective provides a wholesome view of the map area so that the players can easily spot what is to come near their cell.

The in-game screen shows the leaderboard, logged-in players, and the basic attack key menu.

Graphics -:

This web browser biological battle royale game has 3D graphical interface. The color patterns used in the game are also very smooth, crispy, and retina-friendly – putting less strain on the eyes.

The cells and every element are designed in also a sleek and smooth way that the players will love in this game.

Customization -:

There are both weapons and character-level customizations available in this io web browser cell game. However, they are not available freely – the player needs to obtain them by progressing in the game.

The gold coins come in very handy for obtaining customizations in Therefore, the player should focus on collecting as many as they could.

Multiplayer – Extensive is an extensively multiplayer game, and one of the few io genre web browser games that offer a wide variety of multiplayer game modes. Apart from in-built multiplayer modes, the player can also join private battles or create their private rooms.

Additionally, the special daily challenges and random multiplayer battle modes will also enhance the player’s multiplayer gaming experience.



To end it all with a bang, here are some core features of


Video Walkthrough: