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Mini Moto Speed Race

Release date: Aug, 2023 Publisher: CarGames.Com

Mini Moto Speed Race is an online HTML5 arcade motorbike game in which you need to fight with other racers and dislodge them from their bikes and reach the finish line first.


  • Press and hold left-click to race and move around

Game Description

Mini Moto Speed Race is an online HTML5 arcade motorbike game in which you need to fight with other racers and dislodge them from their bikes and reach the finish line first. It is one of the most classic motorbike action arcade games that you have played on a web browser.

The goal is simple in this web browser motorbike arcade game, you need to dislodge other bikers from the road by using your kicks or weapons that you may have and to finish among the top 3 racers. Since there will be a road battle going on all the time, it will not be an easier affair to do so you need to be careful when picking on other racers.

And there is more in Mini Moto Speed Race for the players to enjoy such as customizations, weapons, and exciting new courses after defeating a boss and progressing to new stages. Therefore, let us get to know more about this exciting online arcade motorbike racing game in detail and learn how to win in it.


How to Play Mini Moto Speed Race


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points in this action arcade game, you need to race cunningly without getting yourself tripped and dislodging other racers from the track. The more racers you dislodge, the more points you will make.

However, to eventually win a round and progress to a new one, you must finish among the top three racers – best if you can finish first. To help you accomplish these goals, there are certain power-ups lying on the road that you can collect or hover over to speed up your bike.


Playing Environment

This game has a very straightforward gameplay approach. All the in-game options are visible right on the main screen of the game. Players can access the “Daily” reward option, weapons and motorbike options, sound on/off, and game start options, respectively.

As for the technicalities, the game offers a side-scrolling second-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 750×1334. Additionally, the game has a landscape screen orientation and is also supported on mobile devices, too.



Mini Moto Speed Race offers a scintillating 3D graphical interface with a sharp and crisp elemental design. The game also has quite a colorful combination of in-game elements, and the players will enjoy a diverse colorful graphical composition, which is soothing to the eyes and adaptive to all displays.



There are customizations available in this web browser action motorbike game. Players can get new bikes and weapons to hit and dislodge other racers from the race. However, these customizations must be purchased via in-game gems that you will earn by winning races and accomplishing goals.


Weapons & Health

The other amazing thing about this online io motorbike arcade racing game is the multitude of weapons it offers. Players can find all kinds of superhero weapons as well as some weird ones too, such as a frying pan, to hit other racers.

However, as we mentioned in the customization section above, each weapon will cost a different range of in-game gems to unlock. As for the health bar, there is a small heart-shaped health indicator visible on the top center of the in-game screen.



Mini Moto Speed Race is a single-player game in which no multiplayer mode is available, whether online or offline. The players will be playing all levels solely and enjoying every race and feature of this game without the worry of any in-game competition from another player.