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Release date: Jul, 2023 Publisher: Melon Gaming

Melonman is a fun hyper casual arcade running game in which the players will start fat and have to run to become slim, all the while avoiding delicacies and other obstacles on the way.


  • Use left-click to jump

Game Description

Melonman is a fun hyper casual arcade running game in which the players will start fat and have to run to become slim, all the while avoiding delicacies and other obstacles on the way. This online io arcade hyper casual game is well-known for its graphically beautiful interface and its emphasis on health and fitness.

So, the goal in this exciting game is to run as many km as you can to fine-fit yourself. However, in doing so, the trick is to avoid unhealthy carbo foods while collecting healthy carbohydrates and fruits along your run, as well as to avoid obstacles along the way.

And while you run your way to becoming fit, enjoy the visually soothing graphics and beautiful animation-style diverse backgrounds in each level of the game. So, are you ready to get fit and get noticed by the hot girls around?

If your answer is yes, then let us learn how to play the Melonman!


How to Play Melonman


Earning XP & Leveling Up

XPs and points are offered in the form of gold coins and diamonds, which you will earn based on how long you run and how many healthy foods you eat along the way. The trick to earn higher rewards is also to avoid obstacles and unhealthy foods, the latter being as much as you can since in some jumps you just cannot avoid them.

Each round in this web browser arcade casual fitness game has different difficulties and obstacles for the players to overcome.


Playing Environment

Melonman offers quite a lot of options, but they are done quite wisely in the game, so the game’s main screen looks quite minimal. So, the game’s main screen shows your coins and diamonds; the game starting option beautifully written as “Run Now!”

On the top right side of the screen, players can locate the in-game “Menu,” which when you click, will open more options on the left. This is indeed a very creative way to show in-game menu options which we have not seen in many of the HTML5 games we have covered so far.

Anyways, the players can access the in-game shop, the “Melonpedia” game guide, the character menu, and stats in the options opened from the main menu. Apart from this, the game offers a third-person view on an in-game screen dimension of 1024×512.

This online io hyper casual fitness game also has a landscape screen orientation and is supported on mobile web browsers as well.



Graphics are the true hallmark of this exciting running game. Melonman offers 3a 3Dgraphical interface with beautiful and sublime PNG-style colors and smooth elemental design.

The graphics are also adaptive to both desktop/mobile displays as well as being retina-friendly and having smooth FPS. Trust us you wont be disappointed by the graphical interface of this online HTML5 hyper casual running game.



Customizations are available in Melonman, under the in-game shop menu in the “Outfit” section. Players can choose from a variety of outfits for their characters. Also, players can get new characters from the in-game shop as well.

However, to get all these customizations, players have to spend the in-game gold coins they earn while playing. Each character and outfit have different prices so you must have enough gold coins to purchase these customizations.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons involved in this web browser hyper casual fitness game. However, there is a health bar visible on the top left of the in-game screen. Every time you get tripped by an obstacle, your health decreases.



Melonman is a solo single-player HTML5 game. It does not offer multiplayer options whether offline or online. So, enjoy all the characters, customizations, and exciting fitness adventures for yourself without fearing any competition from a second player.