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Marble Dash

Release date: Apr, 2023 Publisher: 2Play

Marble Dash is a web browser arcade puzzle ball game that has exciting and difficult ball-shooting puzzles for fans of online ball-shooter games.


  • Left-click to shoot bubbles
  • Move mouse to aim on bubbles

Game Description

Marble Dash is a web browser arcade puzzle ball game that has exciting and difficult ball-shooting puzzles for fans of online ball-shooter games. Not only that but this game also offers a lot of ways to reward yourself and increase your in-game level/cash quickly.

Like in every other ball shooter game, over here the player also needs to shoot down balls of the same color before they reach the base. The balls in Marble Dash will run faster than usual to the endpoint so you need to be precise and quick with your shots.

And to help you deplete the unnecessary burden of balls, there are tons of power-ups you can use during the gameplay to help your cause. Plus, a lot of them are also available via watching sponsored videos as well.

So, let us get going and start this exciting web browser bubble shooting game right away!


How to Play Marble Dash


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points, shoot down bubbles of the same color. For destroying every three or four pairs at once, the player will earn XP points in the form of gold coins.

The player can score XP points faster than usual as well if he/she can hit with precision and can take out at least two or more pairs of bubbles at once in a combo.

The player’s level will also increase as they continue to win and advance to new levels in this bubble shooting game. Along with the increasing levels, this web browser bubble shooting arcade game will also get trickier and more challenging – that is where the real fun begins!


Playing Environment

Marble Dash offers a top-down view on an in-game screen dimension of 800×600, the ideal resolution for playing full-screen on a desktop web browser. One unfortunate news for the fans of this game is that it is currently not supported on mobile browsers –bad news!

But anyways, the game has enough for you while playing on the desktop web browser. The game’s menu is simple since the player can turn off/on sound and music, and then simply click on play to start the game.



Marble Dash has beautiful 2D graphics with bright and excellent PNG-style color patterns. The graphics are visually appealing and does not strain the player’s eyes, no matter if you play for longer durations.



Despite being a featuresome web browser bubble shooter arcade game, Marble Dash does not allow any customizations as of now.


Weapons & Health

Some power-ups in the game provide weaponry abilities, like the bomb, which can be shot at any bubble to burst a huge line of them into bits.

As for health, there is no restriction for the player. However, the player must be careful not to let any of the balls touch the home base. If any of the balls reach your home base, your game is over at that instant.



This HTML5 bubble arcade shooting game does not offer a multiplayer feature. The player will be playing solo and clearing up all the fun and exciting of bubble shooting by themselves. It is all there for your taking – without any competition.