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Mahjong Connect HD

Release date: Aug, 2023 Publisher: Agame

Mahjong Connect HD is an online io mahjong board game that offers classical mahjong gameplay with simple game dynamics.


  • Use left-click to match tiles

Game Description

Mahjong Connect HD is an online io mahjong board game that offers classical mahjong gameplay with simple game dynamics. The game does not have any fanciness to it and the players will directly start playing upon clicking on the “play” button.

So, for those of you who have not played Mahjong yet, this strategic board game has a set of 144 tiles. These tiles fall into three broad categories: Honors, Suits, and Character. To win the game, the player must have to create four sets of three matching tiles and a pair.

In this Mahjong board game here, the easiest of three forms of game has been adopted in which the players must have to match two tiles of the same symbols and finish off the board before the time ends. It is that easy, you see!

Therefore, once you will start playing, you will find the exquisite logical fun that this Chinese board game has to offer. Let us begin and delve more into how you can win in Mahjong Connect HD!


How to Play Mahjong Connect HD


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score points, you must eliminate two matching tiles from the board. However, doing that is logically tricky, and that is what we will tell you here to do. So, when the game starts, there are no restrictions on which place you pick two tiles from the board.

However, as the board clears up from a few tiles, the players will be required to choose matching tiles that are not cornered by another one or are not found in the middle of the board. This means you have to pick two matching tiles usually from the corners of the board or those from the middle that has at least one side with an open space.

As you continue to clear up the board, the game’s difficulty will increase since the allotted time will decrease and you must try to find matches quickly before the time runs out.


Playing Environment

This web browser strategy board game offers an amazingly simple and minimalistic approach to gameplay. Right on the main screen players will see a simple “play” button to get right into the gameplay. Other than that, there is only a small “speaker” button at the bottom left of the screen to enable/disable in-game sound.

This online HTML5 Mahjong game offers a top-down view on an in-game screen dimension of 800×600. The game is in landscape screen orientation as well as supported on mobile devices, too.



Mahjong Connect HD offers a smooth 3D graphical interface with brilliant color composition in a PNG-style format. The graphics of the game are also visual-friendly and easily adaptable on each type of display it is played upon.



There are no customizations available in this Mahjong board game variant.


Weapons & Health

Also, there are no weapons or health restrictions of any kind involved in this game.



This web browser logic board game does not have a multiplayer mode. The players will be playing all levels solely in this online board game without any competition with other players.