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Knock Balls

Release date: Jun, 2023 Publisher: VOODOO

Knock Balls is an exciting online web browser puzzle game in which the players must shoot down stacks of objects via a cannon gun.


  • Left-click to shoot

Game Description

Knock Balls is an exciting online web browser puzzle game in which the players must shoot down stacks of objects via a cannon gun. Each level in this game has five rounds with the last one being the boss level. Once the players clear the boss level, they will progress onto a new one.

So, in each round, the players will see different types of puzzling stacks which they need to shoot down with a cannon. The cannon has limited balls so the players must be exact in their shots. Plus, the game offers some of the best 3D graphics in the HTML5 gaming arena.

What is there to wait for now? Let us go ahead and get to know the basics of Knock Balls and how to win good in this exciting web browser clicker puzzle shooting game.


How to Play Knock Balls


Earning XP & Leveling Up

XP points are awarded based on how many objects you dislodge in a single shot. So, your aim should be well and precise. Try to dislodge as many balls as you can to get higher points.

Also, you will have limited balls to shoot in each round. In some rounds, the players can also get free power-up of two balls shooting simultaneously. The boss round in each level offers the highest number of balls and power-up shots, but the objects will also be higher to dislodge.


Playing Environment

Like most web browser HTML5 games these days, this one also follows the minimalistic approach of distracting players with a lot of choices. The players can get into the action right from the game’s main screen by clicking on the “Tap to Play” option, and you are good to go!

Knock Balls offer a second-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 1080×1920 – a very detailed resolution indeed. Plus, the game is in portrait mode and is supported on mobile devices as well, so it is highly suitable for mobile gamers with this screen orientation.



This online clicker puzzle shooting game offers 3D graphics with a sharp and edgy elemental design. The color schemes are not diverse and follow the main minimal approach of the overall game. However, the color patterns still keep their precise beauty as they are visual-friendly and responsive for all displays.



There are no customizations available in Knock Balls.


Weapons & Health

Players will have only one weapon to use in all stages of the game – a cannon gun. Other than that, there are no weapons in this web browser HTML5 puzzle game. Also, the players should not be worried about health because there are no health/damage restrictions in this game.

However, the players must ensure and consider the limited number of balls available to shoot. If you are unable to break down any structure completely before your bucket of balls runs out, you will lose the game.



There is no online or offline multiplayer feature available in Knock Balls. This is a single-player io web browser game that the player has to play solely.