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Release date: Sep, 2022 Publisher: Softbear Studios is a real-time strategy html5 game where the player needs to expand and capture new territories, all the while keeping their kingdom safer.


  • WASD / arrow keys/drag right-click = move the camera view
  • Drag left-click = send forces to another area

Game Description is a real-time strategy html5 game where the player needs to expand and capture new territories, all the while keeping their kingdom safer. This web browser io game has similar dynamics to another famous web browser game,

So, play and send your forces to foreign lands and capture them to grow the influence of your civilization. There are upgrades and new methods of conquering to be unlocked as you progress in the game.

Let us get going then!


How to Play


Earning XP & Leveling Up

The way to earn XP and level up is quite straightforward in You simply need to capture the neighboring territories and as you grow, your XP and level will grow as well.

However, be tactical when sending out your soldiers as a long path to a distant land will take much resource and timing – Kiomet is an extremely precise strategy game.


Playing Environment has a unique technical-style playing environment, in which the user may feel as if they are playing a robotic or space war game. But that is the quality of this web browser strategy and conquer the game – the environment never seems dull.

Plus, the in-game screen is also very focused with minimal elements to disturb the player. There is only a list of logged-in players, chat windows, and a small objective window where guidance is given on the tasks at hand.



This web browser strategy game offers techy-style 2D graphics which is both low-resource and retina-friendly. There are small resource areas scattered here and there, and they are designed very eloquently across the battleground.

The player’s territory is highlighted in blue color while the enemies are in red. Plus, the distinct technical-style iconography of all the elements brings modern warfare feel to this html5 game.


Weapons & Health

Despite being a strategy and conquering game, does not have any weapons at all. Your soldiers will go out on their own and fight the battles on your behalf. Since there is no kind of weapons involved here, there is also no health bar as well.

What offers as your health and power is the territory you conquer. The more territory you conquer, the more your power and influence in the game will grow. Additionally, to make your soldiers stronger, try to capture as many resource grounds of your enemy as possible.



This html5 web browser real-time strategy game has no customizations. The only mission is to capture territory, outgrow other players, and win the game through simple drag-and-drop movements across strategic points.



This io real-time strategy web game is multiplayer-only, which means there is no solo play against the computer bot. You will be up against other real players – albeit solo – in this PVP io strategy game.


Tips & Tricks

Here is a trick or two to increase your winning chances in



Video Walkthrough