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Jetpack Kiwi Lite

Release date: Aug, 2023 Publisher: Catom Games

Jetpack Kiwi Lite is a fun and easy web browser action arcade game where you will play as a small Kiwi who is outraged against an alien invasion.


  • WASD to move around
  • Press “X” to shoot/enter
  • Press “B” to drop bomb

Game Description

Jetpack Kiwi Lite is a fun and easy web browser action arcade game where you will play as a small Kiwi who is outraged against an alien invasion. The game uses a retro-style graphical interface which will give you some good nostalgic feelings if you have played famous arcade games of the 90s.

The goal in this game is to simply eliminate aliens that are coming in the way of your flight. During the gameplay, you will be offered a few power-ups as well that will make it easier for you to bring down alien bots and machines.

So, are you ready to go out and be a hero to save your world from aliens overrunning it? Just like an Avenger? If you say yes to these, then read on further to learn how you can play and win against the hordes of evil aliens invading your world.


How to Play Jetpack Kiwi Lite


Earning XP & Leveling Up

XPs are offered in the form of gold coins in this game. And the way to earn them is to simply hit down as many aliens as you can. While your kiwi is jetpacking and shooting aliens, there might be some that will earn you two gold coins in one shot, which is treated as a bonus shot in this game.

Additionally, as the player progresses to each new stage of the battle, the in-game difficulty and level increase with it as well.


Playing Environment

This web browser arcade shooting game has a distinctive in-game menu and starting sequence. First off, as the game loads the players will see a short, animated clip that tells the backstory about what happened and how your little kiwi stood up in arms – amazing, right?

Once the clip is over, the players will see three main options on the game’s main screen: Game Start, Control, and Credits. Players who want to get acquainted with the controls of the game can press on the “Control” option to know about the controls. However, for your ease, we have already listed the controls of this game in the main heading section of this description above.

Anyways, “Game Start” will take the players to some of the basic in-game preferences before they actually start playing. For example, on the very next screen, the players can select whether they want to play a single or two-player game.

After choosing the game mode, the players will enter another but final options screen. Here the players will see the screenshot of the stage they will be playing in, an in-game shop option to get skin or a power-up, and an option to re-select single or double player or go back to the main menu.

And the technical details? Well, the game offers a third-person side-scrolling view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 1280×720, on a landscape screen orientation as well. The single down-factor of this online arcade action shooting game is that it is not currently supported to play on mobile web browsers, which is a shame indeed!



Jetpack Kiwi Lite offers retro-style pixelated 2D graphics that used to be our finest gaming experiences way back in the 90s. So, rest assured that this exciting web browser HTML5 arcade shooting game is gonna bring back some long-lost nostalgic memories.

The gameplay is quite colorful overall as well and the players will find the smooth elemental design and PNG-styled pixelated color patterns just perfect for the gameplay.



There are three types of skins available in this game that the players can buy from the in-game shop. Other than that, there are no customizations available in Jetpack Kiwi Lite.


Weapons & Health

There is only one basic weapon that is held by your Kiwi all the time, an electric-ball gun. However, during the gameplay, the players will get power-ups which will make this default weapon stronger.

As for health, the player has five lives by default. One hit with any obstacle or enemy fire will kill your Kiwi instantly. The players can also get one additional life from the in-game shop, which they have to buy from the in-game gold coins they have.



This web browser arcade 2D shooting game offers offline multiplayer mode with one and two-player gameplay options. However, in the two-player mode, the other player also must be on the same device to play and not in another location.