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Imposter Survivor VS Zombies

Release date: Mar, 2023 Publisher:

Imposter Survivor VS Zombies is an exciting and intense web browser arcade survival game where you will hunt down hordes of zombies single-handedly.


PC controls:

  • Use the mouse to move

Mobile and Tablet Controls:

  • Touch the screen without letting go and move

Game Description

Imposter Survivor VS Zombies is an exciting and intense web browser arcade survival game where you will hunt down hordes of zombies single-handedly. The fun and intense action lies in the ways you are afforded to kill the hordes of zombies: Using a variety of exciting power-ups, weapons, and special abilities.

So, the objective of this zombie battle game is to kill a certain number of zombies in each round. You will start with a basic single weapon, and as you progress further, you will gain certain power-ups in-game to enhance your attacking abilities.

There are also different worlds to choose from in the Imposter Survivor VS Zombies game, an upgrade shop, and a lot of different power-ups which change according to your level/stage. This game is a must-try for fans of action battle zombie games.


How to Play Imposter Survivor VS Zombie


Earning XP & Leveling Up

XPs are obtained in this online arcade zombie game in the form of kills. So, the more zombies you kill, the higher your XP points will be. Additionally, there are gold coins to be collected in-game during the battle which then can be used to upgrade weapons and different abilities.

The player’s in-game level will also increase by one point as they win each round and head to the next one. Additionally, new worlds will also be unlocked as the player attains a certain level of supremacy in the game.


Playing Environment

This io web browser arcade shooting game offers a top-down view on an in-game screen dimension of 800×600, with portrait orientation as well. This is fine for games with restrictive gameplay areas and highly suitable for mobile devices.

The game’s menu has some good options for the players to explore, such as an upgrade shop, a world selection menu, a direct-battle gameplay option, and in-game settings.



The excellent 2D graphics are quite complementary to the astounding PNG-style color patterns and other in-game elements. Web browser HTML5 games in modern times are some of the best graphical entries in the gaming world, and without draining the device resources.



The player can customize the defensive gear and weapons for their character. Also, there are some unlockable characters that the player can also obtain after attaining a certain amount of progress in-game.


Weapons & Health

There are many weapons available for the players to use in this web browser arcade shooting game. For example, the player can acquire pistols, slaughtering knives, swords, anchors, gear, machine guns, baseball bats, and many other weapons.

As for health, it is displayed along the player’s character in yellow color with a thin-looking bar. Keep an eye on that when under attack from all corners.



Imposter Survivor VS Zombie is a solo one-player game and does not have the multiplayer feature, as of now. However, the game has enough of the fun, excitement, intensity, and action-packed dynamics involved which will not let the player feel alone in this intense web action zombie game.