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Hunter Hitman

Release date: Feb, 2023 Publisher: MarketJS

Hunter Hitman is a cool and exciting io action stealth web game where you will be eliminating enemy soldiers stealthy, from behind them.


  • Click left-click behind the enemy soldier to go and kill him

Game Description

Hunter Hitman is a cool and exciting io action stealth web game where you will be eliminating enemy soldiers stealthy, from behind them. This game has lots of rewards to offer, some even free, and lots of weaponry upgrades as well.

This web browser action stealth game is also very simple in approach to eliminate enemies: Simply click your way behind the unaware enemy soldier and let the rest be done by yours.

A highly addictive and fun game with different puzzle-style rounds, you will surely love playing Hunter Hitman on your web browser for hours. Let us find out more about this amazing io action shooting game and how you can win this io fighting web game.


How to Play Hunter Hitman


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points you need to successfully eliminate enemy soldiers in each round, stealthily and without being observed by anyone. Every round has a certain number of enemy soldiers which you need to eliminate without getting killed first.

You will gain XP points in the form of gold coins per kill. Once you have successfully killed all enemy soldiers in each round, your gameplay level will also increase by one point. You will also claim new rewards and unlock upgrade cards by winning each round.


Playing Environment

Hunter Hitman has a top-down view with in-game screen dimensions of 1280×720. The in-game screen also has no distractions so the player can be fully focused on his/her gameplay.

The main menu of this io web browser stealth action game is where you can have all the rewards, upgrades; gifts, and gameplay setting options.



This action arcade fighting game has a neat and clean 2D graphical interface with a top-down view perspective. The game has pretty high-quality color patterns that are varied and brings out the best realistic graphical experience.



There are tons of customizations available in this web browser fighting game, and what’s good, all of them can be obtained just by leveling up in each round. Some of these customizations are defensive hats, knives, guns, melee items, skills, and lots of other things.

Plus, several achievements in the game will also give certain upgrades and power-ups to the player as well.


Weapons & Health

The player can utilize different forms of skills which will work as weapons to attack the enemy soldiers. These skill-based advantages are different forms of knives, combat boots, armor, defensive helmets, and melee attack variants.

Health is a serious issue in Hunter Hitman since only one perfect shot from the enemy soldier can eliminate you on the spot. However, the game developers at least considered giving the player an indication in the form of making the player’s character red.

If your character becomes red, it means he is about to die if not saved from the onslaught instantly.



This io web browser action shooting game is a solo one-player title. The player will be solo against computer-controlled enemy soldiers and will still have lots of fun indeed.