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Human Gun

Release date: Jul, 2023 Publisher:

Human Gun is a 3D HTML5 arcade shooting game in which players will merge their main characters to become powerful guns to destroy obstacles in the way.


  • Hold left-click and move your mouse to move the character

Game Description

Human Gun is a 3D HTML5 arcade shooting game in which players will merge their main characters to become powerful guns to destroy obstacles in the way. The game is fun to play since it involves many challenging obstacles and tricky ways to merge and become a gun.

The goal in this online action shooting game is simply reach to the finish line while crossing obstacles, collecting cash rewards, and merging with as many characters as possible. The trick of merging your character with the other similar ones on the running field will turn you into a human gun.

And there are customizations and lots of ad-sponsored methods to earn free upgrades and in-game cash. So, there is lots of fun and excitement to enjoy in Human Gun; therefore, let’s get going and learn the basics of this game.


How to Play Human Gun


Earning XP & Leveling Up

XPs are offered as cash rewards in this web browser arcade running game. So, whenever you hit an obstacle and destroy it, you will either get cash or a merging character which will double the power of your own one.

Some obstacles are just there to disrupt your run – either shoot them or bypass them simply. Other than these useless disruptions, every other obstacle will offer something of help to you while in your pursuit to reach the finish line.

As a great helping tip, try to run in the direction of those obstacles from the earliest which offers a merger opportunity or in-game cash.


Playing Environment

This online action arcade 3D shooting game offers simple game access and gameplay options. All the options are visible on the game’s main screen. There is an in-game shop option, three attribute upgrading options, a music mute option, and a play button.

Other than these, the game offers a second-person side-scrolling view on an in-game screen dimension of 750×1334. The game’s screen orientation is in portrait mode and the game is also supported on mobile devices.



Human Gun offers 3D graphics with sharp and edgy elemental design. The color patterns are diverse and quite visual-friendly for the players’ eyes. The game’s graphical interface will not put any strain on your device’s resources.



Customizations are available in the form of guns, with a lot of variety and specs. These guns are not only weapons in-game but the actual character form whenever your character merges with an ally. Therefore, they are regarded as weapons and customizations altogether.

These can be purchased from the in-game “Shop” menu using the in-game cash the players will earn while playing.


Weapons & Health

There are lots of weapons the players can buy from the game’s in-built “Shop” menu. You will need in-game cash to buy these guns as all of them have different prices to them.

As for health, while there is no health bar restricting your in-game activity, the player must be careful while running against the obstacles. One hit from any of them will kill your character and the progress right away.



Additionally, this online arcade shooting game doesn’t offer any multiplayer mode either. This is a solo HTML5 io arcade game where the players will be battling against obstacles on their own at all levels.