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Heroball SuperHero

Release date: Feb, 2023 Publisher:

Heroball SuperHero is your favorite casual action arcade web browser game where you will fight the evil forces who are here to destroy Earth.


PC controls:

  • Use the arrow keys to move or the WASD keys!

Mobile and Tablet controls:

  • Use the game buttons to move

Game Description

Heroball SuperHero is your favorite casual action arcade web browser game where you will fight the evil forces who are here to destroy Earth. You will fight as the ultimate superhero ball (in the avatar of Captain America) and fight those evil squares who are invading earth from outer space.

So, being an avenger, your goal is to avoid getting yourself killed in this io platformer arcade web game, destroy the evil minions, and collect stars/bonuses along the way to maximize your powers. There are several rounds to be cleared in this online casual arcade game.

Therefore, let us move forward and learn more about the Heroball SuperHero game!


How to Play Heroball SuperHero


Earning XP & Leveling Up

The XP points are in the form of in-game stars, which the player can use and unlock different types of power-ups in this game. So, whenever you collect a star, your in-game XP builds up.

As for leveling up, you need to pass each round successfully to increase your gameplay levels. So, whenever you pass a round to the next one, your level increases with it as well.


Playing Environment

This web browser causal arcade io game offers a third-person view. The in-game dimensions are around 800×600, with a landscape mode for mobiles, which is also ideal for full-screen gaming.

The are also very minimal options in the game so you will not be distracted by many choices. For example, the player can turn off/on sound, select a stage, and check out unlocked power-ups on the main page. That is all that your Captain America ball must think about at most!



Graphics are indeed a great plus point of this exciting platformer io action-adventure game. There is a cool 2D graphical interface with top-notch color patterns that resembles a PNG-format style.

There are additional special effects as well whenever the player collects a star or kills a minion – it goes boom! The color schemes used are also visual-friendly and put less strain on your eyes.

In a nutshell, the graphical quality of the Heroball SuperHero io web browser game is 5/5!



Customizations are also another interesting part of this web browser superhero game. You will start by default in the captain America avatar, but as soon as you reach your first 5k stars milestone, you will unlock the avatar of another superhero –Spiderman to be exact.

And so on, there are several of your favorite Marvel and DC comics superhero avatars to be unlocked – is it not amazing? You will be able to play for free with all your favorite comic superheroes.

However, apart from this, there are no other customizations in Heroball SuperHero.


Weapons & Health

Surprisingly, despite being a hyper-casual action-adventure game, there are no weapons involved in fighting the enemies. The player needs to jump on the heads of evil minions to kill them off, which is something quite like the Nintendo’s Super Mario classic

As for health, the player will see it in the form of hearts. There will be three hearts at the top center of the in-game screen. When these three hearts eliminate one by one, you will die. So, be careful by avoiding obstacles and or getting struck down by evil minions.



This web browser action adventure arcade game is a solo one-player io title. The player will be playing solely against a multitude of in-course obstacles and evil minions, in difficult stages, and with different superhero avatars.