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Helpful Nail

Release date: Sep, 2023 Publisher: The Abyss Brain

Helpful Nail is a casual web browser arcade game in which you need to clip the nail correctly in a wooden piece with your hammer.


Game Description

Helpful Nail is a casual web browser arcade game in which you need to clip the nail correctly in a wooden piece with your hammer. The fun lies in controlling the ever-imbalanced nail that is moving both sides while the hammer is at work, the player needs to control it by using in-game controls.

The gameplay and graphics of the game are both quite overwhelming and enjoyable for the players. All that the players need to do to win is to sharpen their balancing act and score points by hitting the nails with bull’s eye accuracy.

Do you think you can do that in this tricky online IO casual game? Well, we will have to see about that – let us learn how to play the Helpful Nail!


How to Play Helpful Nail


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score points in this game, players need to be precise in controlling the nails. In every round, there is a meter below the wood piece and the nail. That meter has four colors on it: yellow, red, green, and blue in the center.

If your arrow is on or near the red, it means you are way off the target and you will lose points if the hammer hits. Four hits on the red zone and you are out! The yellow zone is relatively safe and gives you the minimum points.

The green zone is close to the perfect position and gives you 10+ points, while the blue in the center is the bull’s eye. If a player manages to hit the blue in the center, they not only get the highest points but a continuous hit on the blue will be counted as a combo streak with additional marks.


Playing Environment

This web browser arcade casual game’s main page has a beautiful design and useful options for the players. Right on the top is the scoreboard, showing the previous highest in the game. Underneath it, there are three options: Start, Tutorial, and ‘Options’ as the in-game settings.

The players who are not acquainted with the game can directly go to the “Tutorial” option to learn about the game. To change the game’s preferences, players can go to the settings “Option.”

As for the technical details, Help Nail offers a third person view on an in-game screen dimension of 640×1136. Additionally, this online HTML5 arcade casual game is available on mobile phone browsers as well as having a portrait screen orientation – ideal for mobile gamers.



This game offers 2D graphics with PNG-styled smooth and seamless color patterns. The graphics are visually friendlier and adaptable to both types of digital displays easily. There is a bit of animated special effects as well in the game which makes the entire gameplay experience a more enticing one.



There are no customizations available in this game.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons involved in Help Nail. However, there is a health restriction as the players have a maximum of four lives. These lives can be added more by watching a sponsored video in the game.



Also, there is no multiplayer mode available in this online arcade casual game. This is a single-player game in which there is no competition from any other real player, both offline and online.

So, all the levels are at the player’s disposal to freely enjoy themselves and make the highest possible score he/she can get in the game, without any interruption.