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Help The Hero

Release date: Sep, 2023 Publisher: AA2G1

Help the Hero is an interactive and exciting web browser superhero adventure game in which you will play as a child hero doing good in the streets.


  • Use left-click to select and make choices 

Game Description

Help the Hero is an interactive and exciting web browser superhero adventure game in which you will play as a child hero doing good in the streets. You are inspired by the adventures of famous heroes, such as Batman, Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Flash, and many others.

This game is a unique HTML5 game that has top-quality interactive animated gameplay which almost runs like you are watching a movie, with a comical background behind it. So, this is an online IO casual adventure game where you aim to do small, good things and climb the ladder to do bigger goods, like catching dangerous thieves or battling evil villains.

This is one hell of a cool interactive adventure game that the gamers of the HTML5 gaming community will love the most. So, are you ready to do good and rid the world of its evils? Let us find out!


How to Play Help The Hero


Earning XP & Leveling Up

Help The Hero is a unique game that has a mixture of both adventure and puzzle gameplay. The first and default game mode is the adventure mode, in which the players must pass all the stages before unlocking the second puzzle game mode.

There are three scenarios/levels to clear before proceeding to a new set of stages. The players will earn gold coins when they complete a scenario/level. These coins will help the players purchase customizations in the game as well.


Playing Environment

This online IO puzzle adventure game equally has a very interactive gameplay approach, like most of its unique features. The game’s main page has a well-designed landscape comic background, with an image of a classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System controller.

What is unique in all of this is the actual game in the center and portrait mode. This is a super interesting approach to further get the attention of the gamers. Anyways, the players will see a settings option, customization, level selection, and two play options for both types of gaming modes.

Additionally, the in-game settings options will enable the players to turn on/off the in-game sounds and music, respectively. Apart from these, this web browser adventure puzzle game offers a third-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 1920×1080.

Additionally, the game is available – as a dedicated app – on both iOS and Android for the smartphone gaming community. For sure, what one can expect from a game of such high quality, right?



Help The Hero offers a high-quality 3D graphical interface with animated/interactive gameplay. The color schemes used throughout the game are remarkably diverse and offer a PNG-style outlook, with a brighter tone and good visuality.

Plus, the graphics of this online arcade puzzle adventure game are also retina-friendly and easily adaptable to all kinds of devices – specifically geared for mobile gaming.



Customizations are also in plenty in this game. The players can change the cap, face mask, and the entire costume of the character. However, except for the first three customizations in any category, the rest of all must be purchased by spending your in-game gold coins.

There is an enormous range of costumes and other accessories for superheroes from across Marvel, DC, Transformers, and lots of other superhero genres.


Weapons & Health

Weapons are not selective in this game, but they become available as you continue your progress in the game. Because the game runs like a comical episodic adventure, each new power, weapon, skill, and or special ability unlocks according to the scenario you are playing.

There are no health restrictions as well in this web browser superhero adventure game. However, should you make a wrong choice of attack or decision in any scenario, your character will either be killed or captured by the enemy, and you have to restart the scenario again.



Help The Hero is a solo single-player HTML5 game. There is no multiplayer mode available in this game, and the players will have to play all the levels in both game modes solely. So, no worries about any competition from another player; enjoy the game fully and become a superhero in your own right!