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Release date: Feb, 2018 Publisher: Voodoo

Helix, the web browser version of the famous mobile game Stack Bounce, is a casual arcade game that is equally addictive as its mobile counterpart.


  • Hold the left mouse button to rotate the tower.

Game Description

Helix, the web browser version of the famous mobile game Stack Bounce, is a casual arcade game that is equally addictive as its mobile phone counterpart. So, the player controls a bouncing ball and must descend a tower, avoiding collision with red-colored tiles along the fall, to say it appropriately.

The player must continue to fall on circularly-laid tiles, picking the holes to dive down. The player will have tons of fun in this io web browser casual arcade game, just like playing the Stack Bounce on mobile.

Learn how you can play Helix on your web browser right away!


How to Play Helix


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score points in this io bounce web game, you just need to pass each circular tile row through the holes given in between them. The player can also score in a streak if he/she continues to successfully pass down at least three rows at a time.

If a player is successful in reaching down the ground, their level will be up and a new round will ensue with a new challenging fall. However, the only thing which the player must avoid is making any contact with the red tiles. These are the bricks that can destroy your ball instantly.


Playing Environment

Helix offers a third-person view perspective, which is great for a game of this dynamics. The player can easily view the oncoming obstacles and avoid them while falling to reach the ground.

Plus, the in-game screen has little to no distractions at all. The player will only see their score and no other things – so it helps keep your focus on the game tightly.



This web browser io casual game has sleek and smooth 3D graphics. The color patterns used also adds beautifully to the overall graphical architecture of the game.

Additionally, on every new round, the color of the tiles also changes which adds good graphical customizations to the game.



There are no customizations as of now in Helix


Weapons & Health

Also, there are no weapons in this io bounce arcade web game. There is no need for fighting since this game is a casual genre. However, when a player is on a streak of three falls in a row, the ball will gain speed enough to break one destructive red tile, instead of being blown by it.

Additionally, there is no health bar present. The player only needs to avoid contact with a red tile as it will instantly obliterate the ball.



Helix is a solo one-player web browser HTML5 game. The player will be able to enjoy this game solo. However, the game is available across all the devices, such as iOS, Android, and of course, our very own web browsers on PC.