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Hammer Hit

Release date: Mar, 2023 Publisher: Meyagames

Hammer Hit is a simple but exciting web browser arcade puzzle game where you will knock down enemies by using your hammer.


  • Left-click & drag to find the way to an enemy

Game Description

Hammer Hit is a simple but exciting web browser arcade puzzle game where you will knock down enemies by using your hammer. Sounds familiar, right? Ah, the famous Mjolnir, Thor’s thundering hammer. Well, yours in this game is the same as well, and you will be the Thor of your castle.

So, your goal is to kill enemies in each round with your powerful thundering hammer. There are up to 50 levels to play in this web browser arcade puzzle game, and each one of them offers a complex puzzle for you to conquer.

So, why not get in action then? Let us learn the essentials of playing Hammer Hit right now!


How to Play Hammer Hit


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points, you need to kill enemies in each round. As you knock down an enemy with the hammer, you earn a point for that. Equally, you need to win a round to go to the next level. So, to increase your in-game level, you must win the stage.

There are overall 50 levels to explore and conquer in Hammer Hit, so make the most out of this online arcade puzzle game.


Playing Environment

This online arcade battle game offers a top-down view on an in-game screen dimension of 900×506, with a landscape screen orientation. This game also has minimal distractions and provides the player with the most basic of options.

You can simply turn the game’s sound on/off and click on play to start the game – that is it!



This web browser arcade puzzle fighting game is inspired by the pixelated graphics of Microsoft’s Minecraft game series. So, the player will be treated to a 3D architecture with a blocked-style Minecraft graphical outlook.

Also, there are one or two special effects to take note of as well: Your hammer will conduct, and gives off, lightning just like Thor’s Mjolnir. Once this weapon hits the enemies, it will kaboom them into bits and ashes, which is another visual effect you will see in this online arcade fighting game.



Customizations are not available in Hammer Hit (as of now). Since the game is just off-the-pack, we can anticipate that the developers may bring some in the future.


Weapons & Health

There is only one weapon available in Hammer Hit, and which is more than enough – the Mjolnir. Also, there are no health restrictions in the game as well since you will not be directly in conflict with the enemies.

Instead, you will be using soldiers with shields, placed in strategic positions, to throw and guide your hammer upon them from your safe spot.



Again, at this time, Hammer Hit does not offer a multi-playing feature in it. The player will be playing a solo one-player game with 50 different puzzling levels to conquer with the famous hammer. So, are you worthy to hold the hammer? Find out by playing the game.