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Gun Head Run

Release date: Jun, 2023 Publisher:

Gun Head Run is a casual arcade shooting game where you continue to run and shoot down obstacles in your path, with rewards to collect from them.


  • Press and hold left-click to shoot and move around

Game Description

Gun Head Run is a casual arcade shooting game where you continue to run and shoot down obstacles in your path, with rewards to collect from them. It is a fun game where you can enjoy some tough and challenging obstacles in each level which makes the entire gameplay an exciting one.

So, the goal is simple in Gun Head Run. As you continue your spree towards the finish line, you need to shoot down obstacles, particularly the ones that are easily broken, and provide you with some good rewards.

This game is like most 3D running games that gamers also play on mobile devices involving running and avoiding obstacles. Therefore, let’s start the race, shall we? But before doing so, let’s get some know-how about this online arcade casual shooting game.


How to Play Gun Head Run


Earning XP & Leveling Up

XPs are rewarded with gifts in this game. For example, you need to shoot down obstacles in your path and all of them have some kind of weapon, power-up, or in-game cash rewards for you. Additionally, you will also see blue and red cards in your way as you move toward the finish line.

The red ones must be avoided as it decreases your power while the blue cards are to be collected as they increase your weapon’s abilities. If an obstacle proves too strong and you cannot break it without colliding, you must avoid the collision, or you will lose the round.

There are many levels in Gun Head Run that will surely test your movement and strategic shooting abilities to the core.


Playing Environment

The game is quite simple to start and play. It offers a second-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 750×1334. Additionally, the game has a portrait screen orientation and is a mobile-ready game as well – best for mobile players!

But don’t get us wrong! It is equally best for playing on desktop browsers as well. The only thing is that portrait-screen mode is ideal for mobile devices. Anyways, there is not much of a featuresome menu there as well; you can simply click the “Play” button to start the game or the “Speaker” button to turn the volume on/off.



This web browser arcade platformer puzzle game has some in-depth 3D graphics with an edgy and sharp design. The game also has sharp and cutting-edge color patterns so be sure that it will definitely take some of your device’s resources, but not as high as you may think.

An up-to-date web browser with a hardware-rendering option enabled may well be enough to play this game smoothly. However, if you have a dedicated graphics adapter installed or a mid to high-range mobile device, this is a perfect combination.



There are no customizations available in this game as of now.


Weapons & Health

There are several kinds of weapons available for the players in Gun Head Run – that’s what this game is all about! For example, you will start with a default basic ball gun. From there, you can get rifles, laser guns, machine guns, rocket launchers, and even an atomic bomb.

However, all these weapons had to be earned by breaking the obstacles on which they rest. If you can be able to break any, you will get the weapon it holds. Also, there is no health bar so no restrictions on health. But you mustn’t collide with any obstacle along the way because if you do, you will die at that instant.



There is no offline or online multiplayer PVP feature in this game. Players will be playing solo in all the exciting levels this online puzzle arcade shooting game has to offer. Do you think you have to win this one platformer io arcade puzzle shooter? Let’s find out – hit the play button now!