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Guess It

Release date: Sep, 2023 Publisher: Ringier Axel Springer Polska

Guess It is a fun web browser logic puzzle game in which the players have to guess the correct word in six attempts.


  • Use left click to select words and options

Game Description

Guess It is a fun web browser logic puzzle game in which the players have to guess the correct word in six attempts. The gameplay is a very straightforward one and has some exciting word puzzles for the players to solve. Players will be able to enhance their neurological skills when playing this online IO word puzzle game.

So, the goal is to correctly find the right words in six attempts. Apart from your brainy skills, you can also get help from an ad-sponsored option to reveal one letter from the correct word. When all the correct words are fitted correctly, players will progress to a new level.

Therefore, are you ready to give your brain some deserving exercise in this web browser word puzzle game? Let us find out how to play Guess It and guess the correct words to win the game!


How to Play Guess It


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score points in this game, the players must guess the correct words in the six available attempts they have. There are markers that will help the players identify the correct words that ought to be guessed.

For example, if a letter you choose appears in green, it means it is the right letter and is also placed in the correct spot. If you choose a letter that appears in yellow, then it means the letter is correct but placed in the wrong position in the overall hidden word. If a letter is shown in gray, then you have selected the wrong letter.

The players will also have an ad-sponsored option to reveal one correct letter at a time.


Playing Environment

Guess It follows a remarkably simple gameplay approach. Once the game loads, the actual gameplay is visible right on the main page and the players simply have to click on start to get going.

But do not think there are no options: players can see the sound option, stats, and an in-game settings option on the top right of the gameplay screen. When you click on the in-game settings, you will see seven languages to select from, a dark/light mode switch, and the developers’ info.

Apart from these, the game offers a third-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 800×600. Additionally, this web browser logic word puzzle game has a landscape orientation and is also supported to play on mobile phone web browsers.



The game offers a 2D graphical interface with a smooth elemental design. The color patterns used in the game follow a sharp PNG-styling format and are quite visually appealing as well. The overall graphics of this online IO puzzle game are always light and easily adaptable to both desktop and mobile devices.



There are no customizations available in Guess It.


Weapons and Health

There are no weapons involved in this game and no health restrictions of any kind.



There is no multiplayer mode available in this game. The players will have to play all the levels in the game solely without any competition from another player. So, there are all the word puzzles out there for you to enjoy and sharpen your thinking skills all by yourself.