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Grass Cutting Puzzle

Release date: Apr, 2023 Publisher: BestGameSpot

Grass Cutting Puzzle is a fun casual puzzle online game in which you need to cut grass with the help of a moving cutter.


  • Use arrow keys on the desktop to move around and cut the grass
  • Tap on the on-screen mobile controls to move around and cut the grass

Game Description

Grass Cutting Puzzle is a fun casual puzzle online game in which you need to cut grass with the help of a moving cutter. Every round in this fun puzzle game is filled with a complex puzzle board in which there is grass everywhere. You must need to move your grass cutter wisely so that all the grass is being cut and the board is cleared fully to win.

There are 100 levels in-game for you to fully utilize your puzzle-solving skills and cut the topsy-turvy grasses till the end. Let us find out how good you are at cutting grass right away!


How to Play Grass Cutting Puzzle


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points, simply cut the grass on the puzzle board and wipe them out completely. Each win will give you points as well as increase the in-game level. There are 100 levels to play in this exciting online puzzle game. Therefore, you will have enough gameplay time to utilize the best of your puzzle-solving skills.


Playing Environment

The game offers a top-down view on an in-game screen dimension of 560×854. This HTML5 online puzzle game also has a portrait screen orientation and is mobile-ready, which is also a good fact for mobile gamers.

Like most of the games by the BestGameSpot, this io web browser game also offers strictly direct main many: either click on “Play” or simply turn the in-game sound on/off – that is all!



This HTML5 web puzzle game offers beautiful 2D graphics with awesome PNG-style color patterns in-game. The special grass-cutting effect is the icing on the cake of this casual online puzzle game. You will not be disappointed by the graphics one bit in this web browser io game.



There are no customizations available in this web browser casual game, as of writing this description of the game. However, developers may bring some in the future – keep an eye by playing!


Weapons & Health

No weapons are involved in Grass Cutting Puzzle. Also, there are no health restrictions in this game as well as no fear of losing.



There is also no multiplayer mode in this web browser HTML5 puzzle game. The player will be playing solo and conquering all 100 levels.