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Release date: Jan, 2020 Publisher: Zetoman77 is a very intuitive and exciting music quiz io web browser game. The player must hit the correct notes all the while listening to a beautiful song.


  • Press ASDF to hit the notes

Game Description: is a very intuitive and exciting music quiz io web browser game. The game’s dynamics are quite exciting to play: the player must hit the correct notes all the while listening to a beautiful song.

The game is highly customizable, and players can even create their playlists and compete with other players online. So, at the start of each round, the player will be shown a YouTube video with a song playing on it.

The player needs to guess and hit the correct notes of the song playing, exactly in the rhythm they are coming. This is one hell of an exciting music battle royale io which the players will love!

Let’s learn how to play on your web browser (or mobile).


How to Play


Earning XP & Leveling Up

The player can earn XP and level up their gameplay by correctly hitting the notes of the song that will be playing on the list. The player will be playing with as many as 10 players in a round.

So, hitting correct notes, in the correct format, throughout the song, will enable the player to end up as the topmost scorer and winner of the round.

This music quiz battle royale game allows the player to choose from a vast range of genres, song eras, and artists to play the quiz.


Playing Environment offers a second-person view perspective. The in-game screen’s center is where the notes are coming and the player needs to hit the correct ones. The right side shows a video song, and an option to play offline as well (unranked version).

On the left side are the main score, streak, and accuracy meter, as well as individual player’s score boxes. And on the bottom left is a simple chat window where you can chat with other players online.



This musical contest io web game offers modern-style equalizer-type of graphics. The notes are shown as they are being played on the strings of a guitar. The notes themselves have a colorful variation to them.

Apart from this, the background shows a wallpaper, which is subject to change per round. The overall graphical pattern is something of a mixture of classical retro and modern equalizer types, which the players will enjoy immensely.



Customization options are plenty, and quite good in The player can join several rooms consisting of different music genres and gameplay dynamics to win.

Plus, the player can create their customized quiz room, with videos of their liking; artists, songs, and other elements. Players can even set the notes of the songs they have chosen for their custom quiz room, as well as invite friends and online players to their quiz round.

Moreover, the players can even assign their preferred control map to play the game in the settings. However, the basic keys to play by default are ASDF on the keyboard.


Multiplayer -:

Yes! is a completely multiplayer io web browser game, which means there is no solo round. However, the player can choose to play solo against other players, but any round will be played in multiplayer mode.

Plus, the game offers ample customization via which the player can create their own style of quiz round, and invite friends to play with online.



Here is a quick look at some of the features of