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Release date: Feb, 2017 Publisher:

Here comes – a classic 2D web browser fast-paced shooting game, which is filled with intense gameplay, different weapons, and a variety of battles.


  • Press WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Press R to reload
  • Press the left mouse button to shoot
  • Press the space bar to use advanced power-up

Game Description:

Here comes – a classic 2D web browser fast-paced shooting game, which is filled with intense gameplay, different weapons, and a variety of battles. So, the player controls a single character who must fight against a horde of other players in the maze-like battlefield – all of them trying to gain the topmost spot.

The game is fully and freely customizable right from the start, so there is a lot of fun and exciting battle royale gameplay to enjoy. Let’s head further and read how you can play, the game’s dynamics, and some of the best tips to make the most out of this io battle royale shooting game.


How to Play


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To earn XP points, the player simply needs to kill others in the battleground and eventually needs to become the last one standing to win the match.

The player has the freedom to choose the color, type of weapon, and ammo before he/she starts the match. Once the match starts, it’s all mayhem of shooting! So, shoot ‘Em all’ score XPs and level your game up.


Playing Environment

This io battle royale web game offers a third-person, or top-down view perspective, as is mostly known in the io games arena about the in-game screen.

The in-game screen also shows a leaderboard where top-scoring players will be listed; armor bar, health bar, individual score bar, and ammo meter.

However, all these legends are properly aligned on the corners of the screen so the player will be extremely focused on the game.


Graphics offers 2D graphics that are well-designed and quite smooth. The in-game elements, such as blocks and pathways, are designed smoothly and portray the classic block-game architecture.

The in-game movements and FPS run smoothly on almost all devices as the game uses minimal hardware resources.

Additionally, the in-game color patterns are varied and portray a combination of soft and eye-friendly mechanics for the players. Overall, the graphical quality of this 2D web browser battle royale game is superior.


Customization and cosmetics are free on The player can choose the character’s color, weapons, and the type of ammo right in the game’s main menu.

Other than this, there is no need for more customization in-game, and that is why the developers have kept it simple and limited.


Weapons & Health

There are six different kinds of weapons to choose from in this web browser battle royale game. There is a pistol, repeater, AK-47, machine gun, and a few others. Plus, there are four different types of ammunition to choose from.

As for health, the character’s health is defined by the oval-shaped round face of the character itself. As the player’s character gets hit by bullets from the enemy, the round shape decreases in size until it’s finished – and with it the character itself.


Multiplayer Modes is a multiplayer-only game where you, the player, will be up against a horde of other online players. However, you will also have the option to join a specific room or create your own to play with friends.



Here are some of the best features of this io battle royale game:


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