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Gangster Hero Grand Simulator

Release date: Dec, 2022 Publisher: Driving Games

Gangster Hero Grand Simulator is a web browser io survival game which is inspired by the famous Grand Theft Auto series from Rockstar Games.


  • W -Forward
  • S -Backward
  • A -Left
  • D -Right
  • Space – Jump
  • Right-Click – Aim
  • Left-Click – Fire
  • F -Vehicle In/Out
  • I -Instructions
  • Esc -Pause
  • R-Reset Car

Game Description

Gangster Hero Grand Simulator is a web browser io survival game which is inspired by the famous Grand Theft Auto series from Rockstar Games. So, in this light version of GTA, you will be playing as an actual criminal who is just out of the prison.

You will have several missions in the game which you need to play, survive, and win in the end. Unlike GTA, every mission in this web browser GTA game is a timed mission and you must accomplish your goal within that time.

With lots of vehicles, guns, and other inventories, there is lots of action, shooting, crashing, and destruction involved which will glue you to your seat for hours. Therefore, let us learn more about this exciting io web browser action game and start playing right away.


How to Play Gangster Hero Grand Simulator


Earning XP & Leveling Up

The player will earn XP points, and level up, after completing missions in Gangster Hero Grand Simulator. Each mission is a timed one with each having distinct difficulty and rewards to get.

You will be up against dangerous mafia gangsters in the city and the city police, both of which are hungry to take you down. So, use your resources, defeat all your enemies, and be the number one gangster hero in this ultimate io survival action game.


Playing Environment

This io web browser action survival game has an open-world environment where you can play your missions and easily roam and explore different areas around the city. This survival io game is also very intuitive as it properly displays instructions for the new players on the right side of the screen.

Additionally, the player will have both first-person and third-person view perspectives as the in-game screen auto zoom in/out according to the situation in the game. The game also offers a variety of settings such as graphics control, music, and sound on/off.



Gangster Hero Grand Simulator offers crisp and sharp 3D graphics and an open-world playing environment which brings some good GTA vibes. The player can also lower or high their graphics settings based on their preference.

The color patterns used in the game are also varied since there are many elements in the city – the player will enjoy a very colorful graphical overlook.


There are customizations available in this web browser action survival game. There are a variety of guns to choose from and different vehicles which the player can obtain. However, all of the customizations had to be purchased from the in-game coins which the player will earn by leveling up.


Weapons & Health

There are different kinds of weapons available in this web browser GTA game. The player can get pistols, machine guns, and bazookas among others. These weapons had to be purchased from the in-game coins the player will earn after successfully finishing missions.

The health bar, as well as the damage and fuel bar for the exotic cars, is also present on the in-game screen. So, whenever a player is engaged in a battle on a mission, he/she will have to look for the red bar just on top of the ammo count on the in-game screen to know how the state of their health.



At this stage, Gangster Hero Grand Simulator only offers one-player solo gameplay. However, there are several in-game AI-controlled gangs and characters with which, when you dash out in the open world, you won’t feel as if you are playing solo.

Remembers, this is a GTA-style web browser game so there is lots of action and survival involved in this io web game.