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Funny Shooter 2

Release date: Jan, 2023 Publisher: GoGoMan

Funny Shooter 2 may sound funny but it is indeed a serious web browser action shooting game – but yes with funny characters and antics in it.


  • Mouse – look around
  • WASD – movement
  • W + Shift – run
  • Space – jump
  • Left Mouse Button – shoot
  • Right Mouse Button (Hold) – aim
  • Mouse wheel – next/leading weapon
  • 1-7 – weapon hotkeys
  • R – reload
  • G – throw a grenade
  • T – inspect the weapon
  • E – remove a weapon

Game Description

Funny Shooter 2 may sound funny but it is indeed a serious web browser action shooting game – but yes with funny characters and antics in it. The power of this game lies in its featuresome options, fast gameplay, 3D open-world graphics, and tons of weapons/power-ups to get.

So, your goal is to eliminate a certain number of enemy soldiers in each round. You will be equipped with a basic machine gun to send a few soldiers flying on the battlefield. However, as you progress and earn gold coins, you can bring in a variety of upgrades and buy many new weapons.

This is one hell of a web browser first-person shooter game that is seriously intense, yet with various funny characters. Let us get to know more about Funny Shooter 2 right away!


How to Play Funny Shooter 2


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points, shoot to kill all the enemy soldiers that will be coming to hunt you down from all corners of the battleground. Aim and shoot them down and collect the gold coin left by every falling enemy soldier.

As you kill all the enemies required in the round, you will then proceed to the finish line to move on to the next round. That is when your gameplay level will also increase by one point. There are 10 levels in this intense io shooting action game.

When you reach the 10th and final level, you will face the ultimate boss to finish the game as the champion.


Playing Environment

The game offers a first-person view on an in-game screen dimension of 800×600. Funny Shooter 2 also incorporates a landscape view so the in-game screen covers a wide range of open-world details.

The game’s main menu is also diverse as its inventory of weapons and upgrades. There are options such as achievements, upgrades, daily rewards, a weapon shop, and two sponsored-video options to unlock two different kinds of weapons, without purchasing them.



Funny Shooter 2 offers a high-quality 3D graphical interface. The color patterns are varied and encompass brightness and sparkling effects. Additionally, the in-game elements have PNG-style animated look to them.

And with this type of top-class graphics at work, this web browser first-person shooting arcade game does not consume much of your system’s resources. Amazing that, right?



There are many! You can customize your weapons to the smallest details; buy several types of guns and increase your character attributes such as health, coin magnets, and stock of grenades.

As we have mentioned earlier in this description, the game has lots to offer when it comes to customizations, upgrades, and rewards.


Weapons & Health

There are almost 20 different types of weapons the player can obtain in this online shooting arcade game. Some of these weapons are laser guns, pistols, bazookas, rocket launchers, repeater guns, machine guns, and many others.

As for health, there is a health bar present on the top left side of the in-game screen. Keep an eye on that when battling too many enemies at the same time.



Such a great online shooting arcade game should have a multiplayer feature, as that would have made the game more fun and exciting. However, the intense first-person shooting gameplay, with lots of enemies pounding on you from every angle, will still make up for the absence of a multiplayer feature in Funny Shooter 2. Try it and you will surely love it!