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Fuel Rage

Release date: Jul, 2023 Publisher: Melon Gaming

Fuel Rage is a web browser arcade car racing game that is filled with exciting racing tactics and dangerous obstacles.


  • Use the “A” & “D” keys to move to both sides

Game Description

Fuel Rage is a web browser arcade car racing game that is filled with exciting racing tactics and dangerous obstacles. This car racing game is almost a replica of the classic 90s Road Fighter game for the Nintendo Entertainment System’s game console; however, with some modern touches in the graphical interface.

So, the goal is the same as was in the classic NES version of this game – you need to drive your car without getting it wrecked before reaching the finish line. Along the way, there will be power-ups for you to collect which will increase the fuel of your vehicle.

And there is so much more in this exciting online HTML5 arcade racing game which you will love for sure. So, let us get to know the basics of Fuel Rage and learn how you can play to win in this fun car racing game.


How to Play Fuel Rage


Earning XP & Leveling Up

XPs are offered in the form of gold coins in this web browser car racing game. So, players will have the chance to earn gold coins during the race as they come once every while on the road. These gold coins will be used to upgrade to new cars in-game.

As the race continues to progress, the in-game difficulty and level will also increase bringing with it more dangerous obstacles for you to cross over.


Playing Environment

Fuel Rage offers quite a few options for the players right on the main screen. The players have a garage option, where they can purchase and upgrade to a new vehicle. There is also an “options” menu, under which the players can turn on/off the in-game sound and music.

Finally, there is a “Rage” option which starts the game instantly and the player will get right into action on the road. As for this web browser hyper casual racing game’s technical details, the game offers a top-down view on an in-game screen dimension of 770×1170.

Additionally, this game offers portrait screen orientation and is also supported to play on mobile browsers, which is great for mobile gamers.



This online io arcade racing game offers smooth and beautiful 2D graphics with a high-quality PNG-style color scheme. The in-game elements are also designed with smooth precision, so the overall in-game graphical interface offers a visual-friendly and pleasing experience.



There are no specific vehicle customizations available in this game, but the players can buy a new vehicle altogether. However, to do that the players must earn in-game gold coins to meet the purchase rate of each vehicle.


Weapons & Health

There are no weapons involved in Fuel Rage except a fuel power-up, which is given after a brief interval along the way while you are racing.

A health bar, which is a fuel bar, is presented at the top of the game screen. Keep an eye on that while you are driving because if the fuel bar is exhausted, you will lose.



There is no multiplayer mode available in Fuel Rage. The players will be playing solo games without any kind of competition. This gives players the freedom to explore and enjoy this web browser arcade car racing game as they want.