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Free Birds

Release date: Jun, 2023 Publisher: 2Play

Free Birds is an io web browser causal puzzle game in which the players need to shoot arrows on bird cages to free the feathered fellas.


  • Left-click and hold to move, aim, and shoot

Game Description

Free Birds is an io web browser causal puzzle game in which the players need to shoot arrows on bird cages to free the feathered fellas. Every round in this game has a different style of the puzzling setup of the bird cages. The players need to shoot arrows on the ropes which hold the cages to break them apart so the birds to fly away freely.

There are two modes in Free Birds. One is limited levels-based gameplay and the other is an endless gameplay mode, respectively. Both gameplay modes have different and exciting puzzle rounds in which you will be shooting arrows to free caged birds. Trust us – this is one exciting casual puzzle online io game which will soon become your favorite one.

Let’s get started now and learn the essentials of this web browser HTML5 puzzle game and how you will win in it!


How to Play Free Birds


Earning XP & Leveling Up

To score XP points, you’ll need to shoot down the cages to free the birds trapped inside. However, be careful when aiming your shots as a missed one will cost you a loss of precious life. By default, you have seven lives at your disposal.

But along with the new levels, there will be an increase in the gameplay difficulty as well. So, your only goal in all the stages is to free the caged birds before you run out of arrows, and your life.


Playing Environment

This game offers a third-person view perspective with an in-game screen dimension of 800×600. The game’s screen also has landscape orientation which is exclusively great for both mobile and desktop players.

Apart from these details, the game is straightforward to play. From the main screen, you can choose between two of the game modes and can simply turn off/on the game’s music and sound.



Free Birds offer an excellent 2D graphical interface in a PNG-style design. The color patterns are also bright and beautiful. The graphical interface is additionally retina-friendly and does not strain the player’s eyes despite longer gameplay.



There are no customizations available in this web browser puzzle casual game.


Weapons & Health

The players will have their bows and arrows to shoot down bird cages to free them. Other than that there are now weapons in this game. As for the health, the players will have seven lives at their disposal.

However, you lose one life whenever you miss a shot.



This online casual puzzle game is a solo one-player game only. There is no offline or online multiplayer feature in Free Birds.