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Flying Wings Hovercraft

Release date: May, 2023 Publisher: AYN Games

Flying Wings Hovercraft is a web browser simulation racing game where you will fly an air hovercraft to battle against other racers.


  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move around

Game Description

Flying Wings Hovercraft is a web browser simulation racing game where you will fly an air hovercraft to battle against other racers. The game is set in a cyberspace colony which will give the players a similar feeling as if they are in a scene of a Star Wars episode.

So, there are four different game modes in this web browser simulator racing game: Race, Stunt, Fall, and Free Drive. All these game modes have different goals which the player must achieve to win.

And there are more exciting ventures to do in Flying Wings Hovercraft which you will soon know and experience. So, with great 3D graphics and a cyber-themed futuristic air race simulation, this online 3D casual racing game will prove to be one hell of a space racing adventure for you!

Let us start and learn more about Flying Wings Hovercraft!


How to Play Flying Wings Hovercraft


Earning XP & Leveling Up

As we have mentioned above, the game offers up to four different gaming modes – let us describe them in detail here. First, the “Race” mode is an arcade mode where you will race against other bot racers in the game. The aim here is to win your race and finish in the 1st spot, which will give you XP points.

The second is the “Stunt” mode, where you will race on a difficult circuit that has a topsy-turvy format and you must drive your craft efficiently by performing several stunts along the way. You will be racing alone, and your win will be decided based on how better you have performed your flying stunts.

The third gaming mode is the “Fall Down” mode. It is also a stunt-based round but one in which, instead of going headway, you will be falling and down on several tricky circuits until you reach the finish line. The better you drive and perform your stunts the better will be your XP points at the end of the round.

The fourth and final is the “Free Drive” mode, where the player has no restriction of any kind and can simply fly their craft on a freeway as much as they like. It is also an ideal mode to practice flying skills before you play any rated arcade racing mode.


Playing Environment

The game offers a second-person view perspective on an in-game screen dimension of 800×450. Additionally, the game has landscape screen orientation and is fully adapted for full-screen gameplay.

As far as the menu and options are concerned, there is none to bother about. On the game’s main screen, the player will see a sound on/off option and the four gameplay modes, by clicking any of which, the game will start right away.



Graphics are of the highest quality in this web browser simulator racing game. The 3D graphical interface coupled with well-designed techno-style in-game elements will make you feel as if you are playing a mini version of Cyberpunk.

The game also has a variety of color patterns suited to the different types of surroundings. Overall, you will not have a single dull graphical pixel in the game as you play along.



There are no customizations available in Flying Wings Hovercraft.


Weapons & Health

Also, there are no health restrictions or weapons involved in the game. The player can restart the race whenever they want and there are simply no fighting or conflicting elements involved of any kind.



There is no online multiplayer mode as well in this online simulator racing game. However, you will race against the in-game bots in the “Race” mode, which is an in-built arcade racing mode. Other than that, it is all a solo one-player game for you to explore and enjoy.